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You could def pull it off. You'll just have to wear a beanie for probably 5 months or so to let your hair grow.
Is the Suede T1 still available or no?
The U Neck looks terribly unflattering on that model. Makes him look skinny fat and that the neck got stretched out. Also looks suuuper long in the torso. Seriously, are like all those tall 6"4 fucks qqing to Everlane via email or something? Compare to Asos $10 offerings:
Dat necro.
Anyone know this cardi?
Anyone know what this bracelet Chris Pine has? Its some tag bracelet. I thought it was werkstatt munchen's "wild chain tag bracelet" but its not.
What's the deal with the 'Slim Fit' fit? Did it die? Why?
These topics always get spammers pitching their acne products lmao.
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