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Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy GnR = Izzy. Lose the songwriter and watch the band collapse. Izzy's biggest single song contribution was "Dust N' Bones"... not exactly the finest of GnR. Have you heard Izzy's solo albums? I own two of them and they're pretty bad.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jenaimarr Bach tried out to be the original frontman for VR but ultimately lost out to Scott Weiland. While Bach was/is an epic screamer and would fit in stylistically, he doesn't have the same relevancy in today's music scene. I think Chris Cornell would be a good replacement for Weiland... What's he doing these days post-audioslave? I just pray to god they're not gonna go the Rockstar INXS/Supernova CBS reality show...
I said this in my first post. Take it to a dealer.
Ben Gurion, Frankfurt, Zurich, Austin TX....
I'm happy. Weiland's lyrics were garbage... not to mention that he made them seem Douchey. STP had nothing on GnR.
Quote: Originally Posted by countdemoney Your only concern should be damage to the LCD. Depending on your shipper, you may need to claim it. Often times, this is covered in your movers insurance. I'll be shipping it in the same box that NewEgg sent it to me in. I have found a service that picks everything up at your dorm (I don't live in one though), and will ship it to you or store it. I'd like any service where I can ship it accross...
Hmm, I think "understated" has become as unnatractive as "garish" and "overly ornate". "Understated" in a lot of ways, is simply a way to avoid making choices, and a way to keep from exposing ones poor taste, lack of originality and character. Frankly the house you're building sounds interesting. I'm so sick of blonde wood, concrete walls and stainless steel, or these pseudo craftsmen houses.
Is it possible to ship a few boxes and an LCD to a storage facility? I know there are big Storage chains. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by unpainted huffheinz Minneapolis is far cleaner than Chicago. Perhaps some cities in Germany (pre '89 especially) and Scandinavia are cleaner, but MSP is spotless for the West. I think he was refering to cities people actually care about.
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