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Quote: Originally Posted by johnapril Do you think? I only looked at shapes. He seems to be copying those of the Italian kitchen cabinet makers. Yea of course. These square panels everywhere is just so disciplined. There is no character at all with that kind of design, it's so cold and by now, incredibly generic.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing White walls are rather practical for background. You bought the tortoise lamp? If you did pay that much, you really should update the quality of the rest of the place.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dragon Sorry if this has already come up, but escalators are pissing me off lately. I usually ride the escalator side-by-side with my wife and people behind think they have the right of way to pass even if there is no space. Seems like they think there is some rule that you are supposed to line up single file and I am the one blocking traffic. If you are in such a hurry, take the damn stairs! umm actually,...
Quote: Originally Posted by GoSurface I'm supposed to go to a club tonight, but its fucking thundering here. Gaaaaaaaaah! Does this club not have a roof?
Quote: Originally Posted by johnapril American maker might be less for similar style/quality. sorry, don't know them but came across this site and seemed interesting: All of that stuff looks so incredibly dated. This whole 70s revival isn't going to last long. I can't believe people are into wenge wood and shag carpets again.
Traffic lights in israel are more of a suggestion. I have seen driving as bad in other places, but Israelis make the short list for most homicidal drivers in a developed nation.
Quote: Originally Posted by Étienne Indeed. And speaking as somebody who doesn't know any of the parties involved, I must say it reflects pretty poorly on your character. Especially when you go to the trouble of digging photos to laugh at and quotations to distort and quote out of context. His response is indeed too long and over the top, but at least it helped me understand, for example, how you guys were distoting his quotes. It was useful at...
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC 3) Folks from the 120s-180s come down to that theater. eww
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