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Make: Burberry Size: M Price US$350 shipped CONUS This is a NWOT Burberry short trench / field style jacket in a light khaki / stone color. The jacket is a lightweight cotton-nylon waterproof blend, perfect for spring. It is unlined. The jacket retailed for US$699 and I'm aksing US$350 shipped within the continental United States. Please see pictures below for details.
Who is the manufacturer of the Paul Smith Frosts: http://www.paulsmith.co.uk/shoes-217...productId=8332
Photos updated.
I have two brand new Rubinacci ties, including the original packaging. -The first is a 100% silk three-fold navy in somewhat of an indigo tone. Approximately 3.5" at the widest point. The tie is self-tipped and hand-stitched. $100 shipped CONUS (#2 is sold pending payment) -The second is also a 100% silk three-fold navy, although the color is slightly darker than the tie described above. The tie is approximately 3" at the widest point. $100 shipped...
I recently ordered my first shirt from Proper Cloth and received it within about 2 weeks of placing the order. You'd be hard pressed to get this kind of turnaround from any other online MTM service. That being said, the quality is first rate. Excellent stitching, nice buttons and the spread color is top notch (nice roll). I just put in another order and eagerly look forward to receiving the finished product. Do not hesitate in ordering from Proper -- and if you have nay...
Thanks for the response but I'm looking at this from a more technical stand point, ie. does an increase shoulder width, necessitate a decrease in arm length to maintain the same "sleeve length"?
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I'm ordering a few shirts from MyTailor (based on a shirt that I sent in to be replicated with a few changes to be made) Here's my question: I'd like the shoulder width increased by 0.5". Since the sleeve length is measured as the sum the length of the sleeve itself plus the additional 'shoulder seam to neck' measurement, do I then specific that I'd like the length of the actual sleeve shortened by 0.25" to offset the new shoulder width?... (reminds me of a grade-school...
They sound like a good candidate for some tapering, which can be done quite easily. My main attraction to them is the lower rise, which the M1 and M2 definately do NOT have. I'm gonna pick up a pair and use my New Standard chords as a template for the leg width... hopefully with good results
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