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I have several lengths of fabric that I'll eventually take to a shirtmaker to have made up. I have not done CMT with shirts in the past and am wondering if I should pre-wash the fabric - if I were to do so, what would be the best method (washing machine vs. hand wash / air dry vs. machine dry)? Is there any risk of the edges fraying or other risks I should be aware of - and any methods to mitigate those risks? How many washes would be required to prevent future shrink...
Thanks guys, appreciate the input.
Usually a 33" sleeve, 15.75" neck
The fabric in question is SG Chambray (not Will's) in plain light blue. As a preference I don't normally do split yokes, so there might be some fabric saving there.
I'm wondering from the shirt making experts on the board if 1.5m of 60" width fabric would be enough for a standard dress shirt with button cuffs. I'm roughly 5'10", 175 pounds with a slim/regular build. I know 1.5m might be pushing it, but I really don't have a frame of reference, so I wanted to put it out there for debate.
How tapered does the leg opening tend to be on Ambrosi trousers? What is the width of the leg opening in Ambrosi owners' experience?
If the SG is still around I will gladly take it - I've PM'ed you. Cheers
Great experience with 2ManyShoes! He's a great buyer.
Sold pending payment.... that was lightning fast!
SOLDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Well, just received these from SF member FStyles: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=224405 and to my surprise, they're just too narrow! Exact same pristine condition as described in the original post below: "NIB Vass U-Last in 44, Modelled after the EG Asquith done in antique cognac. CHUNKY double tapering to a beveled single sole at the waist, no rear seam, perfect dress shoe in every which way. Includes lasted trees, bags, and...
New Posts  All Forums: