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Quote: Originally Posted by MrDaniels Huge difference. Soak overnight, discard the water. Slowly bring to a slight simmer in fresh water, cook until tender. Yes, dried is better than canned but, like most better things, requires a great deal more prep and advance planning
The magic bullet works great for me. Got one at Costco for $40 with a zillion different attachments...
I can't believe the Milano fit Zegna Trofeo coat is still for sale at $260!!
Quote: Originally Posted by dr.no Price reduced by 6.3157895%
I agree that Summerlicious menus are not the way to experience fine dining in Toronto. That said, I've had some great meals during summer/winterlicious but the trick is to stay away from the big names like Canoe, Centro... which are probably all booked anyway, unless you want the 5pm seating. I was dragged to Canoe once during summerlicious and it was entirely forgettable and very different than at other times. The last time I was at Bymark for lunch during summerlicious,...
I spent virtually every Friday night and Saturday at my maternal grandparents home growing up in MTL. My sister and I were definitely their favorite grandkids since my mother was the only child they had living in the same city and we spent lots of time with them. My uncle lives in New Zealand so my grandfather, who (like my dad) was very involved in the Jewish community and causes, had essentially pinned all his hopes of succession on me and I would often go with him to...
Quote: Originally Posted by EL72 The summer lineup of shows at the Molson Amphiteatre in Toronto is pretty wicked for 70s/80s rock: Fri, 05/21/10 The Gruesome Twosome Tour Featuring…Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper Tue, 06/01/10 Dave Matthews Band Fri, 06/18/10 Jethro Tull with very special guest Procol Harum Sun, 06/27/10 Scorpions "Get Your Sting and Blackout" World Tour Wed, 06/30/10 Steve Miller Band Sat, 07/03/10 Iron Maiden ...
Had an awesome four-day weekend up at the Blue Moutain Resort with two other families and kids. The weather was perfect. The kids had a blast at the pool and beach; the wives went to the spa and massage; and my two buddies and I had cold beers and backgammon in the sunshine and a couple of flasks of doublewood and some doobies at night by the water.
I have at least 5 pairs of different wingtips but no longwings. I don't like the way the leather wraps all the way around the heel - just like I don't like galosh oxfords.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt I had my favorite leftover today as well. Hachis Parmentier with lamb. My ultimate childhood comfort food (though not usually with beef or veal rather than lamb).
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