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Freakin' 2011 Ontario Government rent increase guideline of 0.7%!! The lowest in the 35-year history of rent regulation - WTF!?! In the year when an additional 8% harmonized sales tax is now charged on all utilies and all kinds of maintenance services, all I can say is F@CK this Liberal government that just wants to cozy up to tenants ahead of the 2011 elections.
My wife (who owns the black version) thinks it looks gay (or feminine...) in white but what does she know?
I haven't used mine in years - especially since I got a good cast iron grill pan - but it was mainly used as a substitute for an outdoor grill during the cold Canadian winter.
Quote: Originally Posted by Incman Thanks And thanks a lot for your list of stuff, very helpful. The place is in line with the prices of the hundreds of kijiji ads I've looked at in my area near the university, but it stood out to me as being miles above in terms of quality. It's 475 plus utilities/month. There is no central air, but I will be buying a high efficiency window unit, and the furnace is a brand new (couple months) high efficient unit,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Payment sent. Let me know when you want to resell them.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek Hmm. I need to find some of these places that are good and worthwhile, but not crazy expensive. I like to treat myself to high-end places once in a while, but i like to eat out weekly and can't afford high-end every week. You know any good italian places that aren't too far out of the way? Oh and i've got a date friday with a girl that doesn't drink... If anyone has ideas i'd love to hear them. I hate sitting in...
Quote: Originally Posted by MrDaniels Huge difference. Soak overnight, discard the water. Slowly bring to a slight simmer in fresh water, cook until tender. Yes, dried is better than canned but, like most better things, requires a great deal more prep and advance planning
The magic bullet works great for me. Got one at Costco for $40 with a zillion different attachments...
I can't believe the Milano fit Zegna Trofeo coat is still for sale at $260!!
Quote: Originally Posted by dr.no Price reduced by 6.3157895%
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