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I think $250 is actually on the low end (for a couple I assume). I don't go to as many weddings as I did 10-15 yrs ago but back then $250-$300/couple was the going rate. (I am talking about formal evening receptions in hotels, banquet halls, synagogues...). The last few weddings I've been to were $300-$400 and more for close friends. And while it is a gift and not a cover charge, of course you take into consideration the cost of the reception. Since these events...
PM if you have one > 50% off retail. thxbye
With the exception of some of her more sappy stories, I generally don't mind Blatch but who cares about Caledonia anymore? Is any of this really surprising to anyone at this point?
Quote: Originally Posted by KSCanada Okay, well maybe what I am envisioning isn't coming across clearly or maybe its an awful idea! lol the shirts wouldn't be loud at all or would really stand out too much at all, its actually quite subtle.... I've seen it done before and really liked it, maybe I can find a picture to post... or maybe I will go with what I want and not worry about what others think After all, it is my wedding so if I want it to be...
Quote: Originally Posted by Raoul Duke Does this really belong in the both the FS forums? I don't think it belong in either. Unless you have something to offer via online sales, this doesn't make much sense. No other affiliate retailers post in here just because they are having a sale. STFU
Bump because these are great shoes and an awesome deal and if they were a 1/2 size bigger, I'd buy them for sure.
There is a gas leak in the building where I have class this afternoon so it was cancelled. I usually hate cancelling classes because it throws off the schedule and I have to make it up somehow but I really didn't feel like going in there today so . I still have another class at 7pm though....
I went to Cava in Delisle Court (Yonge/St. Clair) on Saturday night and it was very good. It's a Spanish Tapas type place and most of the dishes we had were great, a few were so-so... I'll try to remember which ones and post a more complete review later if anyone is interested.
It's been 5 yrs but I stayed at a couple of smaller B&B type places on the Big Island and it was great. Big resorts are fine for Maui, Kauai... but the Big Island is less about beaches and more for exploring imo.
I've just returned from a short trip to Boston and for those interested: FB has Elgin Scottish cashmere scarves for $40. Picked up a couple - very nice scarf and great value. Marshall's across the street had a beautiful 3 pc Corneliani suit in 38L. Greyish brown houndstooth flannel with lapeled vest. A beauty for $399! Frank Stella boutique is closing and everything is 30-60% off. Some nice Gran Sasso sweaters for 60% off (got a great argyle merino cashmere crew...
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