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Quote: Originally Posted by fwiffo I was just reading this and thought you had a fridge in your office and whether I could get an invite for a drink Well the fridge is no longer with us but the scotch is still in my drawer... do drop by if you are in the neighbourhood.
The little bar fridge in my office just died. He was but a wee fridge, only 7 yrs old and 18" high with a shiny black exterior and a smudged stainless steel door. He always kept my drinks (and the odd beer) cold. He was great at storing my salads, deli meats and other assorted fooodstuffs so that I could avoid the communal fridge in the faculty lounge. It's just across the hall from my office but it means having to get my ass off my chair. You will be missed little bar...
Quote: Originally Posted by LatinStyleLover I want those Shannons very bad, but the width might be a bit narrow for me. Sky Valet has them for $1250 so it would be nice to save $300, but D width is killing me! This is almost torture! Keep in mind that the RL x EG 89 last is wider (and higher volume - especially the instep) than the other EG lasts (888, 82...). I typically wear 9.5E or more but the 89 last 9.5D fits me perfectly. Awesome boots!
Quote: Originally Posted by WaterlooMike +1. St Clair West. Go for the Porchetta sandwich. my god..... best $10 you'll spend on a meal. ^^^ YES!! I also had the pulled pork and it's delicious. I tasted my son's burger and it was very good too. I've heard great things about their fried chicken and need to go back...
Quote: Originally Posted by bing on a scale of one to 100 how does this caplansky's place stack up to Schwartz's? because i would pretty much fly to Montreal at anytime just to eat there... if this Caplansky's is even 75% as good it would save me a lot of time. I am an ex-mtler and love my Schwartz as much as the next guy (medium-fat plz) and I really like Caplansky. I'll admit that I found Schwartz inconsistent the last few times I've...
I went to a new place on St. Denis (corner Rachel) for NYE in MTL called Le Hachoir and was pleasantly surprised. Nice steak tartare and cool meat dishes (I had a tourtiere that was delicious) with nice decor and atmosphere. It turns out the place is owned by a guy I know who used to be a doorman at Disalvio's (a club I hung out in the late '80s/early '90s) - Alain. Nice guy and even offered us drinks on the house. I will echo Medwards rec since i also had lunch at...
So what's your asking price?
On vacation (especially camping), I like to spike my coffee in the morning with some Bailey's or something.
Excluding Canada/US: 1. Mexico 2. Venezuela 3. Jamaica 4. Brazil 5. Peru 6. Bolivia 7. Paraguay 8. Argentina 9. Israel 10. Egypt 11. Spain 12. France (does Monaco count as another country?) 13. Italy 14. Indonesia 15. Malaysia 16. Singapore 17. Hong Kong 18. South Africa 19. Zimbabwe 20. Swaziland 21. Germany 22. Czech Republic 23. Holland 24. England 25. Morocco 26. Cuba I may be forgetting a couple but that's about it.
Quote: Originally Posted by isshinryu101 Those Zegnas are very nice! Any idea who made they? Used to be Sutor, but I'm not so sure now. Good Luck! Made by Zefer.
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