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Got an offer accepted (for $500k below asking) on a building I want to buy after other buyers backed out (and I thought the opportunity was lost) . Now I have 15 days to to figure out how to pay for it
I should have added a poll but it looks like overwhelming support for the chukkas. I really like them (and the blue shade looks different with a greenish tint, which is nice) but I already have three pairs of nearly identical brown suede ones. Decisions... What's this AE Player's you guys mention? Pics?
I love suede shoes (and wear them almost exclusively) but I think it's time to diversify from all the brown shades and have decided I want a pair of Navy suede shoes. Which ones? Sutors are $300 from Ian D. and BBs are $373 on sale now. Mantellassi chukkas (I have several like this in Brown already): Mantellassi tassel loafers (I usually hate tassels but am strangely attracted to these): Peal/BB wingtips with crepe sole (I love crepe sole wingtips!):
I don't know if it's been posted here yet but I know some SFers have bought some of these Drakes ties from this guy. I just got four of them and they are excellent, first quality Drakes (and so I've ordered three more), and an amazing deal at GBP25. He's relisted them now for GBP15 ($24!), which is a steal. He's already sold a dozens but there are still some nice patterns left. He may have more still.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Anybody who puts rims on a Volvo should be shot on sight. Why? I don't care enough about cars to spend the $ (I paid $9k for this one to replace a rusted through '99 Altima that had no reverse; my [non-SF] friend joked that I get more excited about a new suit or shoes than a new car ) but the T5 turbo version comes with 17" wheels and rims and I think it looks nice.
2005 Volvo S40 (49,000 kms)
I saw it Thursday night with a couple of buddies. Maybe it's because I was stoned (and brought my flask and a 6-pack into the theatre) but I thought it was very well done for a sequel and laughed my ass off on multiple occasions.
~20k in 1994
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I appear to be the only one who doesn't know what this refers to. Does the picture of the DB contest winner (now a mod at AAAC) with a Santa hat ring a bell? iuruk was the short-haired girl who was posting here at the time and then dated said DB.
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