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Any chance of seeing the tie bars soon J?
+1000000 Libretto is much better than QM IMO.Let's see, off the top of my head: I recently went to Parkette (on Queen just West of Trinity Bellwoods) and it was very nice. The tartare was good and so was the pizza. Service was so-so and the place was pretty dark (and packed on a Saturday).Cava (tapas place in Delisle court) was good if somewhat pricey - though I find all these tapas places overpriced...I had an excellent burger (perfectly medium rare) at Grindhouse burger...
I completely understand the rationale for replacing the previous B&S system that was becoming a nightmare to police but I believe that the current solution has also removed a lot of the free-wheeling, community appeal of the old version. In other words, the baby has been thrown out...Perhaps this new system is an inevitable step in the growth of this web site, and who knows where it will end up, but I'm not sure it's a change for the better from my POV. I agree with many...
+ 111111This is an unfortunate and probably unintended consequence of this new system. I also agree with Spoo's point about the urgency...
Got an offer accepted (for $500k below asking) on a building I want to buy after other buyers backed out (and I thought the opportunity was lost) . Now I have 15 days to to figure out how to pay for it
ETA on tie bars J? I miss mine...
I should have added a poll but it looks like overwhelming support for the chukkas. I really like them (and the blue shade looks different with a greenish tint, which is nice) but I already have three pairs of nearly identical brown suede ones. Decisions... What's this AE Player's you guys mention? Pics?
I love suede shoes (and wear them almost exclusively) but I think it's time to diversify from all the brown shades and have decided I want a pair of Navy suede shoes. Which ones? Sutors are $300 from Ian D. and BBs are $373 on sale now. Mantellassi chukkas (I have several like this in Brown already): Mantellassi tassel loafers (I usually hate tassels but am strangely attracted to these): Peal/BB wingtips with crepe sole (I love crepe sole wingtips!):
I don't know if it's been posted here yet but I know some SFers have bought some of these Drakes ties from this guy. http://shop.ebay.com/aj072686/m.html I just got four of them and they are excellent, first quality Drakes (and so I've ordered three more), and an amazing deal at GBP25. He's relisted them now for GBP15 ($24!), which is a steal. He's already sold a dozens but there are still some nice patterns left. He may have more still.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Anybody who puts rims on a Volvo should be shot on sight. Why? I don't care enough about cars to spend the $ (I paid $9k for this one to replace a rusted through '99 Altima that had no reverse; my [non-SF] friend joked that I get more excited about a new suit or shoes than a new car ) but the T5 turbo version comes with 17" wheels and rims and I think it looks nice.
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