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I tried this and it turned out great - thanks! Though i almost fucked everything up lifting the two heavy (and hot!) pans out of the oven...
Before the interwebs, FTW did mean F@ck The World. All the wannabe punk anarchists would write FTW on their leather jackets and bathroom stalls... When I first read FTW online, I also thought it meant fuck the world.
Smoke's Poutinerie Fresh cut fries and ingredients = best poutine ever!! Tried the chipotle pulled pork or the country style. The large is good for two meals btw.
+1 Just got a pair of navy and they are perfect. Just enough color. Heavy flannel is the only fabric in which navy pants work imo.
C&J for BB crepe sole suede wingtips (7.5). I have these and love them. Awesome deal at/near the starting bid http://www.ebay.com/itm/528-Peal-Co-Brooks-Bro-Brown-Suede-Crepe-Sole-Wing-Tips-/290612634862?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item43a9dce4ee#ht_500wt_1076
Yes!! I bought a 4lb piece of Goldin's smoked meat (available at the Free Times Cafe now at 320 College) for dinner last night because I didn't feel like cooking Friday night dinner and it was amazing. Comes in a vacuum sealed pack, steam it, slice and serve with rye, pickles... MMMMM! It's beautifully smoked and is Montreal-style spicy. More smoke and bite than Caplansky (that I find sweeter) and of course miles ahead of other bland corned beef or pastrami that other...
Brother MFC-7860DW Laser Printer for my new home office. Awesome wireless printer (with duplex!) for
He emailed a couple of days ago regarding an order I had just placed.
Thanks. Now I'm going to tear my house apart trying to find the one I misplaced...
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