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Vyella (a wool cotton blend) has been around as a shirting fabric for a long time. While it's great for shirts , baby garments and the like, I wouldn't advise it for other garments.
Yep. I detect some chain yanking going on.
Sorry, didactic teenagers sometimes get to me.Clothing has both a situational and a purely aesthetic aspect. So depending on the situation, I may be wearing a charcoal suit or in antoher situation a tweed one. So I'm not denying that there is a necessity to "look good to others". What I am saying is that if your clothes are in porportion to your body, that porportion will look good over a much longer time frame than the "fashion cycle". Lounge suits haven't materially...
I've been here a good deal longer than you, boyo.Better sign off, your momma's calling.
Geez- And here I am thinking about something like this:It's more fun to make fashion, than follow it.
You'll have to do your own prosyletising, Doc.
I think that for some of us what's going on with fashion is much less influential that you think:Let's look at Reevolving's list:Giant lapels - Proportional for me, may be too big for someone elseGorge at your chest - gorge height is driven by the relative length of your torso and legs, mine are about a handwidth below by shoulderPadded shoulders - some- I have a dropped shoulder with large traps and I don't like the "natural shoulder" lookLong as fuck - Don't know what...
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