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Did Will of A Suitable Wardrobe buy your Trianon/Schepps cufflinks? His post today is about what appears to be the exact pair. Gorgeous!
will you break up the three pieces? or do you want to sell all three to one buyer? also, what does the upholstery feel like?
Quote: Originally Posted by mxgreen The only thing is the seller should have included more photos of the shoes. It is really difficult to get a read on the shoes after reviewing the mere 33 photo essay accompanying the listing. What the hell was the seller trying to accomplish with that? +1 So many of the pics are the exact same angle, lighting, etc. Why??? And then he includes blurry, camera shake pics? And is there a single image of...
Vintage GLOVERALL London Alpaca Duffle COAT JACKET 40
material? Battistoni Barneys New York Mens Coat 38/48 $110.00 BIN Measurements: Length 38 1/2 in Under Arm 23 in Shoulder 20 in Sleeve 24 3/4 in.
I think you may have switched the shoulder measurements in either your original post or your most recent post above. Could you clarify which jacket, navy or off-white, has the 17.5" shoulder? Thanks!
Louis Vuitton Vintage Suitcase LOW BIN of $245.00 (+$25.00 for shipping and handling) authentic? very worn but a nice patina.
New Paul Stuart L Navy Smokers Robe Reg $300+ BIN $85.00
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