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PM sent on 10.5s
Looking for the following : Ermenegildo Zegna tuxedo Milano fit Size 48R euro Or something that fits exactly like this! Price is negotiable but must be far from the $3000 list price. Intl. Shipping preferred, but US shipping a possibility.
Looks like LV custom.. I could be wrong though. Reminds me of the luggage a bit from Darjeeling Limited.
That LV condom isn't real BTW.
Yeah, Vox does go no break. But have you ever seen a picture of vox sitting down? Sitting down isn't the only thing. I think no break looks like you're wearing pants that are too short. Yes, I know you're wearing beautiful shoes and maybe even FU socks. I'm not saying we should go for a pool of fabric at the bottom of your shoes. Just a very slight break. No break has the tendency to look off, specially if you're just starting out in wearing fine men's clothing and not...
Since I was on a tight budget when I joined here it wasn't about buying too much too soon. My first post-SF purchases were great items and I still wear some of them. I still own the first 'real shoes' I bought using SF knowledge and wear them frequently, having been resoled once and reheeled twice. AE Lamberts. My advice for a newcomer: Don't go no break on your pants. When I first joined people told me to go NO BREAK on my pants and that I should insist that my...
In my experience: Ferragamo clothing is shitty Gucci can be fine but sometimes too fashion Louis Vuitton good but pricey Burberry some good but pricey and some a bit ugly Hugo Boss expensive for quality. I like the cuts of some of their items but it's hard to justify the price for me. Hermes I don't think anyone dislikes Hermes here for any reason except it's expensive. They make great items and even offer bespoke. Most of the 'luxury' brands you're thinking of are just...
+1 for AE
Loake lincoln in dark brown suede. Retail is about £140.00. I don't think the Rubinacci loafers are too expensive though. I forgot how much they sold for. Their online store is down for this whole month of August 2012, but they'll probably be listed there when it comes back up.
^^ Wow, that turned out much different than I expected. What a cool different shoulder.
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