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That twister was amazing. Davis' standup was all over the place, he was missing a lot of punches laughably wide. He seems to have the physical talent to be pretty good though, so let's see how far he can get in a year. Anyone excited about the upcoming TUF? If anything Brock's antics should be entertaining, and the finale with JDS is going to be great.
paging edmond
Quote: Originally Posted by j 951socal: stop posting in this thread or I will ban you. Thanks.
I see wrestling and boxing as martial arts too. I thought it was much worse for the sport when Lesnar won, sure he's an amazing athlete and wrestler in his own right but most people only saw him as the ex-WWE guy, a guy coming from a definitely fake sport winning the belt in what, his third or fourth ufc fight? The athletic advantage he also had was so absurd, if you were a hater pointing at a brock fight you could say "look at that, as long as you roid up 40 lbs heavier...
That 951socal kid in the Leather Jacket thread is such an annoying little shitstain.
It would have definitely been a double leg if it didn't connect as hard as it did. I imagine that Shogun was still feeling rocked in the window of time he had to take Jones down.
Nice pickup for 25 bones. Some leather conditioner on it would make it amazing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ambulance Chaser god damn!
here a jackass, there a jackass
If there's a free trial I might give it a go.
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