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Ah, maybe that was a strong word, what you do have on your hands is a PITA which could have been made much worse if accompanied by a good f**king. Good luck with the situation though.
re: alcohol and such: I doubt you'll get in trouble for that. Or rather, that's the least of your worries. You could of course tell them to pick up that shit just in case the underage thing becomes a big deal, and if they don't, it's on their hands not yours. Besides that you just sound fucked.
That's a great bomber fit, definitely shouldn't go skintight with that style. The elastic gives it a good shape even if you give yourself wiggle room when sizing.
Getting a BJJ black belt from the Nogueira brothers is like getting a toy in a happy meal.
Quote: Originally Posted by mike868y forget the svb fund lets get behind the mike868y pot of gold. (10) Drew, have you sold any green leathers yet?
Last week's episode was awesome! Still around third for me on the themed episode list, but that just tells you what a great show this is.
Wait, is an svb fund actually happening? Leenkz
Hah, blue is always fun, it's the color of messing with people and being annoying with your countermagic and card advantage. The thing about blue is that it always seems to be the most expensive color to play. There's a card now called Jace, the Mind Sculptor (a planeswalker, a card type that didn't even exist when I first played magic) that all blue control decks want 4 of just because it's so strong, and it fetches roughly $100+ a card in the singles market. Still, it's...
Quote: Originally Posted by afc345 Nothing but good things to say about seller robertorex, excellent communication. I'm a bit late on this but likewise afc435 was a great buyer, paid promptly and didn't waste any time.
Ok so I discovered Magic Workstation, seems to be a way to play Magic for free online. Will play a bit with some friends, and if I can get it to work smoothly and there's interest, I'll post some instructions up here.
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