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I for one find the current block very balanced, I'm a huge fan. most of the absurdity is about to rotate with the zendikar block, and even poison doesn't feel as OP as I thought it would be. I like it. I've been playing a bit online and while I like it, there really is nothing like cracking open a fresh pack. It might just be me, but I do think the cards smell more chemical now.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lel An in person SF draft would be epic. SO EPIC. If I end up somewhere in the proximity of other SF magic players in the near future, I would totally do this. Quote: On a fashion related note, I'm positive I saw someone at the pre-release wearing F+B boots. The day I go to a MTG event and see people better dressed than me, idk whether I would laugh or cry.
It would be hot if we could get a styleforum draft going over MTGO
Quote: Originally Posted by Lel Lol what? Source? I should remove that, that was actually an attempt at a joke that misfired. But prices for Legacy staples have been going up, it's just a higher demand for them I suppose. Here's the article I was referring to that charts where prices have been moving: Also there are guys like this IMPORTANT NOTICE: No media files are hosted on these...
I personally don't find it that entrancing either. it's supposed to be like, online lego you can walk around in.
30 million!?!??!!? But given how addicting people say it is, I guess it's not surprising. He also has a neat way of distributing it that doesn't involve other people just pirating it for free.
wat a baller. I'm not sure if I would get into legacy - I love novelty too much and I don't have the patience to go and acquire all my staples and power. I've been reading that star city games has basically been manipulating the market for legacy staples recently and driving up the prices, do you think that's the case? btw my MTGO name is flathead, I mostly play casual standard
Which is how WOTC makes so much goddamn money. You pretty much have to pay twice if you want to get the most out of your deck - once to build it with paper, and once to build it online. I put together a pretty sick mono-white knights list with paper cards and I am absolutely unmotivated to pay for it again online. I guess it's just a test of creativity at this point, because when you build online, the budget-level decks are REALLY cheap (literally pennies a card) and some...
hah damnation is pretty damn highly sought now, ohwell. I had my collection peak around invasion block and i had something like 3 playsets of vindicate, spiritmongers, blazing specters, and a bunch of the broken urza block cards (windfall, time spiral, yawgmoth's win)... ah those were the days. I built a ten dollar deck and am playing online now. It's good I guess because it goes so fast, but it's definitely a different experience. Personally I would pick playing with...
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt tuf13=non event... I think the talent gap between TUF fighters and those that make it straight to the UFC has widened to the point that TUF is kind of pointless.
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