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Someone that the denim bar points you to is probably going to be the best that you can get. From what I know, a decent amount of people get their jeans tapered, with varying levels of success. With some plain old UO jeans, why not? I estimate my tailor here in Boston could do it for $20ish or so, but prices will definitely vary.
Collared Moto arrived today and I feel like a Korean popstar. Thanks TOJ / Farm F*ckers / Eyes of Delirium / Hexorigamitorix / Swag Jesuses whatever you end up calling yourselves. Seriously, some good ish, and I forgot that I was getting a tote too!
Devils you Know
What about "The Last Whiskey"? It's the kind of Engrish that makes little sense but, to me, is evocative of the personalities and spirit behind TOJ.
Gods or Gamblers Admonitium Nothing Without Sin
doesn't matter, I paid gift (which i will never do again under any circumstance). It wasn't even that big an amount, but still annoying.
Years of successful transactions on StyleForum led to me being scammed on another one.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt If GSP shows up stoned, Shields will almost have a puncher's chance. good one!
Quote: Originally Posted by ConcernedParent Fuck fuck and fuck. Ib4DT. hahahahahahahahahaa +1
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