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Quote: Originally Posted by West24 not true at all. just the ones that stand out you go dam look at that mixed breeding. theres tons of absolutely ugly mixed. you just ignore them. Yeah its the same thing with everything e.g. Asians.
I like gin and ginger ale and I've actually had a bartender go "Ew" when I ordered it. Still do.
Yo, if anyone here plays and is not on MTGO you're missing out. Mostly on me goofing around with jank decks, but it's a hell of a lot of fun and $10 for the account is not a lot at all.
which of you gheys one starred this. Lel what is it do, playboy? Been playing with Max a decent amount, you should get on sometime.
unlike other responses of "that's cool but I wouldn't wear that myself", I would totally wear something like that if I was uncontrol's size
Canceller's biggest drawback is he's pretty much only playable in mono black, and i guess your only hope against caw or valakut are IoK and Duress. Maybe the next set fixes the meta, maybe it doesn't. If squadron hawk is in M12, I will shoot somebody... I hope they print more planeswalker hosers (at least one has been spoiled). I think the reason 4-6 drops are so powerful right now is because of the absurd speed of the standard metagame. The fundamental turn right now is...
Caw-blade's there to stay for the life of Standard, but decks like UB Infect, MBC, MB infect/control, and RDW are all doing somewhat well. I've even had success with my mono-white knights list. renline - I just got into block constructed - it seems like an interesting format and the decks are relatively really cheap (tempered steel is less than $50 and can be had for as little as $20, and inkmoths are the most expensive component of any infect list). For one thing, no...
kotor 2 is definitely one of the worst all-time - not just because it paled in comparison (story-wise) to the first, but also because it was buggy as hell.
I got crushed in sealed last night on mtgo. part of it was because I stupidly went blue instead of white and didn't pack enough removal REMOVAL IS KING IN SEALED. Not like any of you needed to hear that.
Y u no magic? I might be drafting online because right now I'm feeling too lazy to go to local game store. Also REALLY lazy to sleeve up my sideboard, the weight of paper is making itself felt.
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