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Thinking about grabbing a Desire S - I'm not really about having every single app, and the Desire HD is just a touch too big for me. Anyone care to share experiences/comparisons?
Quote: Originally Posted by Oldboy From RealSkipBayliss Twitter: After listening to LeBron's interview session, I reallyreallyreally CANNOT WAIT to talk about what I just heard, tomorrow at 10am, ESPN2. LOL this is gonna be good What is this?
Quote: Originally Posted by Medwed I find most of the games nowadays are geared towards teenagers with limited intellect or imagination and that said the video-games are as mind-numbingly boring as blockbuster movies. Poorly scripted games with quasi-freedom of choice. I think the debate between the Japanese and American game design philosophies is very interesting. Think Resident Evil vs. Grand Theft Auto.
Hearing Labelking made my day. Preach brother preach!
Any thread about boxing degenerates into Tycoon hackery and the noobs that feed him. Most threads in CE will have a higher level of discourse than a thread where Pacquiao is mentioned.
I would like to join this! My contribution - a person whose soul inhabits two bodies, one of which is married to a wife who carries on an affair with the other body. Just throwing that out there because the idea I really like is Quote: Originally Posted by mm84321 a man that can only see the world at night; during the day he is blind.
#smh #seriously #notagoodlook Yeah that moment when his assistant was drawing up the play and he was outside, that just solidified it. He's a terrible coach and I have no idea how he's ahead of anyone for LA.
damn. BOTH monday 9pm shows that I liked (this and The Event). I hate the world.
Wow, they are amazing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Bartenders are the kings of the prolatariat, always have been, always will be. Baristas are the joke of the overly educated with a useless degree. Big difference. This is it, right here.
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