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Some chaos ensuing is the only way to rescue this unwashed hipster occupation from the swamp of irrelevance it seems to be caught in.
I still have no idea what the fuck anyone thinks this is going to accomplish.This pisses me off the most. It sounds like a bunch of unwashed hipsters whining that they can't get employed or are working at coffee shops. What did they think their job prospects were?Mace REALLY hurts.
The common explanation is that he's actually scared of losing, but there are other theories (contact member TyCoon)
Someone else buy this because this is a hole in my pocket waiting to happen
Boxing is much closer to a contest of sheer barbarism than MMA is.
Just finished it here as well. Damn, did not see some of those coming. Much better than AFFC. [[SPOILER]]
got it on kindle. reading it on my phone and computer all day and i'm only 36% in...
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackfyre OMG OMG OMG!!!1! plus a billion!!!!
Here's hoping for the fakeness. They had that upsetting quality that GRRM's plot twists tend to have.
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