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okk fine. well here's a +1 to getting into the books, because they are great, and a +1 to rioting if Peter Dinklage does not get his Emmy.
Did anyone catch the spoilers for A Dance with Dragons while they were up? I couldn't resist and got them from a friend. Let me know here or PM if you want to talk about them.
re: couch surfing, it's alright most of the time and you don't need to be as concerned if you're a guy, but you just need to be on the lookout for sketchy/incompetent hosts that are creeps/weird or leave you locked out of the house for periods of time. At least with Airbnb, the actual monetary transaction creates a sense of commitment on both sides to make the arrangement work.
you should check out, i think you'd find what you need there.
I just went and started writing some short fiction. Since it was brought up earlier, if we're making this a group thing at all, why don't we use the umbrella theme of "disabilities?" My angle: a man who wakes up each day with the loss of a random sense (sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell)
Quote: Originally Posted by munchausen I'm still listening to this shit 8 months later. Whenever I hear one of these songs now I end up wishing that it was the mash-up version. "Ice Cream Paint Job" is much better backed with "Strawberry Letter 23", "War Pigs" just isn't the same without Ludacris. The most clever, though, has got to be Rihanna singing over "Waiting Room" He makes Soulja Boy listenable. I listened to Windowlicker again the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ivwri Anyone getting Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 on the x360? Add me if you are! (Somekillgiants) Also, QFT Might get it on PS3/Steam . Were you able to preorder for a promo card? Since the titans are likely gonna get reprinted (inferno for sure) they should be worth some money, and they have awesome art regardless.
Isn't everything quad band now though? I just want to be able to switch sims. Anyway, for my purposes, i'm going to pull the trigger on the Desire S tomorrow. For computing and graphics power, I have my computer. Having to have that all in my pocket all the time seems like a chore.
I had AT&T but I'm currently not in the United States - I'm just not terribly sure where I'll be living in a year's time so I'm hesitant to get a phone with a contract. But didn't the Desire S just come out this year? Around March or February? I prefer small phones and might have even gone for the Wildfire S but I hear it runs rather slow. I just really don't like to be carrying around too big of a phone so around Desire/Desire S size is my upper limit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Why? Its already old and there are several other options on the market that are better. I need a no-contract phone and I'm in the $400-$500 budget range. I quite like the desire s for the size, hand feel and build quality, and I don't feel that it's terribly necessary for me to spring for a dual-core android phone right now. My current phone is actually a not-smartphone POS, so anything feels like a huge...
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