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"egregious".... it even looks fucked up
How does Alternative A fit compared to American A. Larger or smaller? Slimmer or more full? Thanks in advanced.
James I would def be interested.
I have them in beeswax and they are great
crown manhattan with just a splash of the sweet vermouth goose and water w/ a lemon duvel glenlivet 12yr so I guess I have 4 drinks of choice
love the stuff. Especially the Republic of Tea brand.
^ Yes you are correct. Its not a monologue either. Geeez I guess its time to re-watch it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Film Noir Buff Kansas City (My favorite sick man of MLB) cannot spend its way out of its misery. It needs scouting and drafting and trades. You can let your team slide into seemingly permanent oblivion for the sins of past practices. It sounds like you are describing somewhat of a "grass roots" restructuring. I would agree with that, but add that sometimes the person at the top needs to be replaced in order to...
I thought coeur d' alene, ID was known to be very conservative... but isn't it pretty much eastern washington. I am in no way trying to tie the two together but I had a buddy from there and he said that it had one of the highest population/KKK ratios in the country. I would have to imagine anywhere in Alabama or Mississippi would qualify as well.
Ok... but I thought this was going to be a "moccasin shootout" where we could show our different types of moccasins. I knew they were house shoes but moccasins none-the-less. Even though mine are slippers dont they look more like a traditional moccasin then the quoddy and LL beans shoes which look pretty identical to boat shoes IMO.
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