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Quote: Originally Posted by Enfo I've got a few gift cards I want to get rid of... $200 Bloomingdales $200 Apple Gift Card (Not Itunes) Can I get some pics and measurements please?
I figured I would start this thread for people that received a gift that they aren't quite sure that they want to keep or return. I guess I can start it off. I got these Coach Austin boots from my parents and while they seem very nice I don't know how to use them. In person they are lighter than they look in the photo and while they seem awfully nice to wear for a night about town but at the same time they are too awkward of a color for my business casual attire that...
Well they are $349 now so he should buy ASAP.
Quote: Originally Posted by likeitaloud tea bags are costco size probly 2x the normal one. The tea is very mild, and I drink it cold; nothing like when I brewa hot cup of the strong loose leafs. You say you drink it cold, but was the tea "steeped" (what in the hell is past-tense for steep?) in hot water? I'm sure I wont will a nobel for this but I was always under the impression that the heat activates the release of a good protion of the...
This post is about "elevator shoes" and if anyone has experience with them. Why did it quickly turn into a boost his self-confidence thing? I really like Hewsinator's quote but my only argument is that EVERYONE is self-confident to some extent about something. Why do you think 99% of this forum is here? We cover up whatever sort of insecurity we have but we don't do it with altering our height. We do it with fine suits, raw denim and exotic shoes. Also why would he...
Quote: Originally Posted by TyCooN yay or nay? I just clicked this thread to ask the very same questions. I have seen them in person and they appear to be very sturdy and well made. The only thing holding me up from them is that they are pretty much a low-top glide (which I already have).
no i "wiuld" not
"egregious".... it even looks fucked up
How does Alternative A fit compared to American A. Larger or smaller? Slimmer or more full? Thanks in advanced.
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