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Quote: Originally Posted by bluemagic Large head. How large we talking? I'm working with a 7 3/4" and i get some "dome" comments when people see that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger the 4 eye is superior.. it's a slim profile, comes in better colors and just looks better. I think I'm going to be buying the black ones. Superior looks yes. But its a trade off. I have both and they serve different purposes. I was thinking about the black ones but then I saw the brown leather ones that jcrew is releasing this spring and I think I'm going to wait.
I see. I'm not gonna buy into that philosophy with these. I have enough beat up boat shoes as it is. I'm sure they will both still look great.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger that was jqbomb that posted, I did the same thing with the 12s. they are sitting at home, wish I had brought them I love them Thanks. Fixed. Also did you use any kind of protectant did you use on them? I sprayed a layer of "sealer" that was recommended by my cobbler. They just seem like they are and absolute magnet for dirt and stains.
A $400 dollar glove is completely excessive and should only be used if someone else (agent or team) is buying or you have a ridiculous MLB contract and cash flow. I was given that rawlings "primo" to try out and I hated it. It was HEAVY... felt like it had just been treated with too many oils and creams. When i order my gloves I get the heart of the hide leather which retail for about $160 and they suit me just fine. Rawlings positions the primo glove as a piece...
Quick question. I wore my beeswax BDs out on sat and they night turned into something I wasn''t expecting... shots, excessive cocktails late night feasting and my precious DBs paid they price. They have spill stains (the bar was packed) all over the toes now. How would you guys suggest I clean them? I know i can't use shoe polish and I tried to use a rag with a bit of water and that only put a dent in the spots. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.
Quote: Originally Posted by tigerFormula i like these. they look at lot less chunkier than the ones on What model exactly are they? They are the "Sperry Chucka Suede Tan"
Quote: Originally Posted by BBSLM omg do want. where to kop? FTGG stands for "For The Greater Good" HereI guess they are a mens boutique in VA. Anyways, jqbomb posted some pics a few months back and I just fell in love. I sent FTGG an email asking if they had any in 13 and they said no but they would let me know if they ever got any in. As soon as the shipment came in they emailed me and I bought them as fast as i could. They were a bit...
Bought those exact ones from macys for like $60 and they are superbly comfortable. I also bought the sperry 4 eye boots from FTGG and while they have a nice look they offer a fraction of the comfort.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason Left 4 Dead is pretty perfect, once the dl content comes out. There's nothing quite like it. I just got a hunter kill by waiting in the tom cruise closet by the elevator in no mercy, one guy suspected something and shot a hole in the door, I jumped through the hole and pounced until death, as the rest of his team were getting ready in the operating room. Classy. Was this on-line? This sounds like a crazy game.
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