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Quote: Originally Posted by JesseJB ...the game changes after you turn 25. i'm fucked
Quote: Originally Posted by BBSLM i found the black ones cheaper elsewhere. Congrats. Hope you enjoy them like I do.
$20 in grey
could not stop laughing for some reason
Had a Cohiba double corona last night. I can still kind of taste/smell it now.
Quote: Originally Posted by BBSLM now I dont know what color I want. Do a search of "jqbomb" and his posts. He took a couple of pictures that absolutely sold me on the tan ones.
Quote: Originally Posted by tigerFormula I just emailed FTGG if the sperry's are on sale but they are not. so anyone else know where to buy them? Good luck with that. They are a very limited supply. In FTGGs most recent shipment they only got 1 pair in my size and I was lucky enough to get them.
Do you have any bow tie necklaces left?
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