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Quote: Originally Posted by PG2G Dior Homme jeans have an inseam of 38 :P You were right though they are freaking expensive.
Quote: Originally Posted by PG2G Dior has stuff, but its pricey. Thanks for the heads up. How do you feel about these? Are they a little too much over the top? Also how do I find the inseam of these?I need at least a 34
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger the prices are in no way competitive, and, considering most sites have constant 10-20% coupons, are actually pretty bad. That said, if you want your stuff overnighted, then you're happy to pay the premium. Zappos is my only option a lot of time because of my 13-14 foot. The overnight shipping is just a bonus.
Every order I have placed(3) has been upgraded from standard shipping to next day air.
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow I don't know if all that's true, but I always thought it was interesting that the Arthur H. Bremer, the guy who shot George Wallace, was supposedly motivated to do so by watching A Clockwork Orange. Arthur Bremer was then used as a basis for Travs Bickle in Taxi Driver, which in turn was hugely influential on John Hinckley. Wow. I had no idea about that chain of influence. weird
I have several pairs of dark/indigo (APC Rescues, RRL) and now I am looking for some quality lighter denim for the spring and summer. However, I feel like I am in a pickle because most of the lighter or "distressed" jeans have holes, frays, or fake whiskering, etc. which I am desperately trying to avoid. Do you guys have any suggestions? Levi's has been the only real luck I have had.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Low sodium salt? WTF?!?! my thoughts exactly
I stumbled across this film the other night and even though I missed about the half or third I enjoyed it. From a little research I found that it woas originally a play (same title) written by John Guare. What hooked was Will Smith's "Catcher in Rye" monolouge. My question is who here knows if what he is saying is factual, based on facts or pure hollywood?
no love for the horside?
Quote: Originally Posted by billionaireboy 11 1/2 A2000 for me I got a black one of those sitting in my room from a couple years ago. I thought I would give this guy a try:
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