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these things are sweet.
In the title it says you have 36x34s but in the post it says 36x32. I would def be interested in 36x34s. thanks
Visvim x sophnet link
Quote: Originally Posted by BrettChaotix ^ Seriously, I have the gray suede desert boots and they are getting better the more I wear them! How do you like the gray? I was at the clarks store the other day and I almost pulled the trigger but I wasnt quite sure what I would wear them with. Do they look alright with dark denim?
Cole Haan are my dress shoes of choice. For me the price to comfort and looks ratio is right on.
Quote: Originally Posted by why pwned
I just got a pair of Nike Free Everyday's. So far so good. Also when I was searching for a pic. I typed "nike free everday" into microsoft live and it directed me to an eastbay link where was giving 20% cash back, making the total price $71. Pretty good deal. Wish i would have known about it before I bought mine.
Quote: Originally Posted by SUPER K can anyone suggest a good appetite suppressant that does not have raise metabolism ? I'm pretty sure you can buy some stuff called "hoodia extract". Its an all natural appetite suppressant.
Quote: Originally Posted by KBW They didn't call the m version of the z the m z-3...they just called it the m-3 roadster if I'm not mistaken so these will just be the M-5, M-6 as well. Nope it will not be called M6 they already have that for the coupe. Quote: Originally Posted by KBW I care about the 5 not the 6. The plastic omnium near me makes all the body for the 5's. That 6 will have better looking aerodynamics in...
I guess the spy pictures are kind of pointless since most the things that make it an "M" are under the hood. You can see the typical M dual exhaust tho.
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