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"dibs" on #8 pending pics....
Quote: Originally Posted by TrailofTears You've linked us to your profile, mate. i think he did that to show he/his products are legit.
Does anyone know if the suede DBs fit the same as the beeswax DBs? I would like the size 12s how do I get the wheels spinning on this transaction? I'll assume paypal you some money?
Quote: Originally Posted by James Bond You should shoot for 1 gram per pound of body weight. I'd rather err on the side of too much protein than not enough. Yeah I have heard that but what I was wondering if you take 2 100g protein shakes (lets just say it is possible for now) would get the same benefit if I drank 8 25g ones?
Quote: Originally Posted by wiru for pictures, there are a bunch at rakuten Great link BTW... I just wonder who put all that chicken scratch in there.
So if I take in 200g's of protein a day I will get bigger and stronger than if I took in 100g?
Do yoga. You tone your whole body while looking at woman in spandex
Quote: Originally Posted by danilo I use the Optimum Nutrition (ON) Pro- complex vanilla. here's my morning shake 1 cup of skim milk 2 scoops of ON protein 60g of protein 1 tbsp of organic peanut butter 1/2 of a banana whole grain oats 4 cubes of ice cinnamon daaaaamn... protein shakes shouldn't taste this good Why do you put 60g of protein? Your probably looking at 70gs when you factor in the other stuff too. I was under the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Seafinch ^^^ Yeah, that's what I ordered. I'm pretty stoked... I may be copying you very shortyly. Just gotta decide if I want the 3 eye or 2 eye. The 2 eye seems a little more versatile imo. Quote: Originally Posted by airportlobby Where is the pic from? If the crepe is thick like that, I'd love a pair. Its from that link above. These look pretty slick too
I had a some in high school. I feel like they are trying to go the stussy route with higher end skate stuff.
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