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Quote: Originally Posted by imhotep you win this round pwned
I dropped off a pair of jeans and cords the other day. They charged me $35 for "de-boot-cuttng" the jeans and $45 for taking the waste of the cords in 1.5". I will gladly pay that because to me it seems like a small price to put unwearable clothing back in the rotation.
I have been buying my workout shirts from target. I get the hanes 2 pack vnecks in XL ($10). After a wash they shrink down very nicely. They have white, black, gray and navy.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Just think of who the target audience is for Kiton and what kind of people they'd expect to pay for those jeans. Then imagine what those people do on a daily basis. Ha. I really like the way you put that. I will keep that in mind next I am contemplating living the rest of the month off of top-ramen for a pair of jeans. Ohya Thanks for the help with the Levi's too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart out on dvd next tuesday! That was fast.
I bought some 501s off the internet and for whatever reason I didnt realize they were shrink to fit. They are 38x36 which is what I would buy normally in non selvedge/raw denim. I did a search and read that you can soak them and put them on while they are still damp. Will that keep them from shrinking too much? I have about an inch to give in the waist and 1.5" in the inseam. Thanks ...and if not anybody want to buy them for $40 shipped?
I have hit a road block at about page 100. Yeah some people are destined to greatness but need special circumstances to achieve it. I get it. I will finish it but so far I enjoyed "Blink" much more. His blog is really interesting too.
Saw them in San Francisco when they were playing all of their stuff from Hot Fuss. I feel like there're two people that go concerts; 1) People that want to hear it played EXACTLY how they are used to it from the album 2) People that want to hear things added to their favorite songs that they could only hear live. I felt they did a good job of blending the two by sounding good as well as adding some extended guitar "jams" and they also played a couple...
I am not too picky mainly because I don't know exactly what I want. I just enjoy picking up odds and ends as I go along. Anything XL really. My waist is about a 38 in trousers and non-raw denim, 36 in raw. Not interested in skinny jeans tho. I can pull off a 34 inseam but would prefer 35"+. To give you an idea in jcrew I am normally a LT or XL in sweaters and XLT in their button shirts. Suit size is 46L. Shoes size is 13. I dont do well in fashion sized stuff....
Quote: Originally Posted by Trenditional I believe I read somewhere that its the 40 min mark, where fat burning begins. You might want to look into this. I'd lean towards longer runs, but I guess you need to define what you consider short and long. As an athlete in college I was under the impression of two things. 1) You don't run to actually burn fat during the process. I was always thought that the reason I was running was to burn off some...
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