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Their is a little cuban and sushi place in "the lab" and along with some cool little boutiques both places have great food. You could also can check out Black Sheep Bistro in Old Town Tustin.
I can vouch for the crest white strips as well. 3 weeks twice a day and they were whiter. I had a buddy go to the dentist and get them bleached or whatever, and besides costing close to a grand, he couldnt eat anything firm for about 4 days because his teeth were so sensitive.
Hey guys I am new to posting on this forum but I have been prowling around it reading posts and advice for a couple months now. Anyawyas I was wondering if anybody has run across any specific websites which tend to cater to the larger individual? i am 6'6" and about 235lbs. Its not so much the girth i am concerned about (36 waist) as it is the length. I found that nordstroms carries some pretty long jeans and pants (7fam makes a a great bootcut jean with a 36 inseam)... i...
hipster douche bags because of music selection? i guess thats the same as a canadian douche bag
Glenlivet 12 year... sorry had to get my first post out of the way.
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