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Yesterday I had a saleswoman tell me a peacoat looked like it was "cut for me", i'm sure it being $700 wasnt any form of motivation.
Quote: Originally Posted by cchen The Glide is the only PF Flyers shoe I would consider wearing I have a pair of black glides and I just love them. They get lots of compliments too!
I was in San francisco this weekend and I ran into this place. They had some really great things. I bought the tan "evergreen" wallet and while I haven't had long to use it, I have been enticed by its aesthetics. Anybody ever shopped here? What are the opinions of those who haven't?
Quote: Originally Posted by Xericx not sure which would be better overall for travelling between the "travel bag" and the "duffel" overall, I think I'm leaning towards the Filson medium travel bag..... any other suggestions around this price point? I went with the Large Filson Duffle and It was perfect. Fits everything I could ever need for a long weekend with some room to spare. I think most people would be set with a medium.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hadrian well if transportation is now fair game, then I present: What in the heck is that? I'm not sure if I love it or hate it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauby Well, it's your insult as you see fit. Hmmm......
I just bought my beeswax DBs for $69 + tax. The Clarks store was having a sale on all of their shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 Looks gay. Cool abbrevation though. You do realize that that is the worst thing you can call anybody/anything in the entire word (at least according to Ron & Fez) Quote: Originally Posted by Baron I've been in the water a couple of times at Little Dume in Malibu when Laird Hamilton showed up on a stand up board. He's ridiculously good. Neo, if you see Laird sometime you should...
I have been doing this for the last couple months, but I guess it has really been getting trendy. I can tell you that it is a great workout and once you learn to paddle onto waves their is no difference between it and surfing.
Quote: Originally Posted by TyCooN I just called the store near my house. They have a sale going on too. I would suggest getting over there. They were having a 2 for $100 on shoes that were $100 for a pair... but none of them really caught my eye.
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