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Quote: Originally Posted by kwiteaboy Based on the value of marginal wins in dollars for the Yankees and the expected win value above replacement player that Teixeira will provide? If so, he's neither overpaid nor overhyped. With this signing alone, the Yankees went from "playoff contender" to "best team in baseball". For a team with the resources of the Yankees, that's definitely worth the contract Tex is getting. Lest we forget the infamous...
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Really? I'd say they'll be in a dead heat with the Sox to win the divison. I'd probably give the nod to the Yankees by 3 or 4 games. I don't see them winning more than a 105 games, which is still very good. If I had to make a prediction, I'd say 98 wins. I was kidding with 140 but 98 is a bit low. The Mariners won 116 games on '01 or '02. As of now, I think this number can, and will be, met/ bested by...
Def not the most PC part of the movie but, I love Christopher Walkens monologue about how Sicilians are half an eggplant.
The Yankees should win about 140 games. Anything less would be failure.
I have to put the TV on mute when J'Aime (or however you spell it) comes on. I just dont find it funny at all. Mr. G has grown on me with his original scores such as "Shes a naughty girl with a bad habit, a bad habit for drugs..." Jonah is classic.
nobody likes this?
Quote: Originally Posted by poly800rock seriously, if you have such low expectations, why not just save a bit more for jason's suits which you know are going to be great? I did it because if the suit actually turns out to be decent then I would have found myself a very valuable resource to be used in the future. If not I can return the suit and never go back to their website. who is jason? is he an online suit tailor as well?
I ordered a suit yesterday. Also got two "custom" dress shirts as well for free. I figured for $280 I didnt really have much to lose. I am kind of torn about what kind of expectations to have, one side of me wants to have very low expectations because I paying a fraction of what many custom suits cost but at the same time I am spending $280 and I dont want a piece of shit. I will post pics and review when it arrives.
SOLD Would like to get $50 + shipping
Winter doesn't really happen here in LA. We had some rain last week and they were fine (with very limited exposure). The are canvas/leather mix so I assume it gives your foot some sort of water protection.
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