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Quote: Originally Posted by norcaltransplant Have you looked at property taxes in Long Island or Northern NJ? 20k+ for $1m homes. At 5.5% for a 800k jumbo mortgage, the mortgage is 5-6k but the taxes are almost 2k... per month!!!! NJ is pretty brutal in general. Must be why so many big timers live here.
You can dry swiffer, avoid the wet swiffer at all costs. Use a hardwood floor cleaner made by Bona Kemi. Bona makes polyurethanes and coatings for most major hardwood floor manufacturers. I would avoid Murphy's at all costs. If you ever have to have a screen and re-coat done to the floor, Murphy's will cause the polyurethane not to adhere correctly. You will wind up going through a full blown sand and re-finish.
Quote: Originally Posted by CTGuy i would buy a used saab, used honda, or jetta. Honda is the only one on this list I would consider in your shoes. Saab and VW can be costly to fix. What about a Jeep Wrangler? You can buy it, drive it for the summer, and sell it for what you paid for it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician flask, cocktail shaker, mortar and pestle, pocket mirror, good razor blades, digital scale, baby straws Digital scale is key. Unless you know him well, never trust your coke supplier.
Cars do not know they have depreciated when it comes to repair bills. Horror stories are everywhere with every brand of car. Drive what you like and can afford.
I call for a 12 round boxing match with no gloves. It is the only way to solve this.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Have a look at Edward Green or Crockett&Jones models when they 're having sales... For $350 dollars , you can find a nicer pair than the ones on the pictures.. +1. Even for $200 or a bit more you can find something on the B&S forum here that will blow any one of those shoes out of the water.
Quote: Originally Posted by btthevoice I was actually hoping that this was a forum where I could ask for some assistance and get a serious response or two. Nothing like a little fun. I'm still hoping. You've come to the WRONG place. Just kidding, I really wouldn't know where to begin on this subject.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria They are Keens, and the toe bumpers and thick soles were fantastic. I'll try to dig up a photo where I accidentally almost destroy an remote, old Sinagua cliff dwelling wall on that trip wearing the Keens. Fortunately, I didn't...the fine would have been, believe it or not, $250K. - B So you threw them $500k, and called it a day? Typical big time move.
Why do you want those? They are hideous.
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