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Hello folks...need to buy a suit for my wedding and I am in dire need of help. I am very tall and slim (6'5" 170 lbs), 29 yrs old. I am trying to find an excellent looking slim fitting suit. I have a suit I got about 10 years ago at Men's Wearhouse, but it is WAY to boxy and big for me, and I look like I am swimming in it. I went to Nordstrom, Barney's and Neiman Marcus today, and I found 2 suits that fit me very well. Unfortunately, they were $1600, which is way out...
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy Jantzen does ladies' shirts, fyi. Thanks, I'll look into that...any other suggestions? To everyone else: sorry, you'll have to jack off to pics of someone else's gf.
I thought maybe you guys would have some ideas. My girlfriend is quite well endowed (34 E), but fairly slim around the waist. She owns no blouses, since it's been impossible for her to find a button down shirt that fits through the chest but is tailored in the waist. Shirts that fit her chest are very baggy. I'd be looking for specific brand/model suggestions to go and try in common stores, or online retailers who have free shipping and a liberal return policy.
I'm tall and skinny. My girlfriend says I need a slight flare to the bottom of my jeans (like a boot cut) to balance that out. I agree it looks much better when I have jeans that do this. The problem is, all that fabric usually just ends up flapping around my ankles. I think it's because I have skinny calves that don't take up enough room in the jean. Is there a solution or a cut that will solve this? Can you starch jeans to make the fabric less flappy?
As a tall and lanky man (6'4" 165lbs) living in the USA and in possession of a budding consciousness of fashion, I've been positivel terrorized by the clothing of the mainstream. I've probably spent thousands of dollars on jeans that were too baggy and dress shirts with sleeves too short and bellies capable of storing much beer. It's like a disease, the allure of the clothes on the rack - everyone else buys them, can't I - and the constant cycle of pride and frustration...
I'm 6'4" 175 lbs, i.e. quite tall and wiry (I prefer that to "skinny" since I have some muscle definition, lol). Finally found a car-coat that's well fitting, from Banana Republic. It's Medium-Tall, and I would need to have the sleeves extended about 1" (can they do that on wool coats?), but otherwise it fits pretty well - it's very slim through the waste, and the shoulders fit me, and the flare at the bottom is very minor and suits my wiry legs. So I think at long...
Can you suggest a place? A few years ago I ordered some MTM shirts from a place recommended on this forum (forget the name) and they didn't end up fitting well, leading me to be skeptical.
What kind of extra tailoring would you say I'd need? Let the sleeves longer and take the waist in? How do I know what kind of tailoring to get? Aren't there any slim fit topcoats?
Hey - any leads on common US department stores that stock some of these brands and would have tall/slim sizes in stock? I've had so many shirt buying disasters that I feel the need to try it on before I buy. I've tried to find shirts in Nordstrom before, but they usually just stock the XL type crap that's like a friggin muumuu on me. Didn't find any super slim shirts.
Thanks - anyone else have tips?
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