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I've learned a crapload from this site, about lots of stuff, and could learn a lot more if I took the time to actually learn from the CE's brightest. I am impressed that a forum would attract such a diverse group. I don't think there are any others like it. Conversely there's Reddit, where the collective intelligence level is very low yet apparently the readership is apparently quite diverse and not all hipsters and basement dwellers.
System froze within a few seconds after starting the test. Is the RAM bad or do I just need to configure the BIOS as you suggested?
Froze up while unzipping a .7z file just now. All prices CAD.
Quote: Originally Posted by nicad2000 Dated the same girl for nearly my entire stint in college.... +1
So here's how this went down: went to the store, they price matched all the other internet sites I found, they suggested not buying the CPU or case fans for now, they did suggest buying a graphics card so I got a Radeon 5750 (I think) for about $150, they mounted the CPU on the mobo and I assembled the rest of the system. Total cost was around $800. $650 including tax until the graphics card came along. Thing is damn fast. Of course I am well past the point where...
Quote: Originally Posted by Duff_Man Security consultant. So that was a hell of a time. On call for tomorrow. Worries of Pitsburgh, Seattle incidents where 'it's not over till it's over'. Security guard?
Quote: Originally Posted by lastlight The irony of this is, with proper voter support, and grassroots movements. WE HAVE THE MEANS to elect those who would make good changes. Globalism holds the potentional to bring equality and knowledge to the world. However most people are too apathetic and leave it to the hard right and hard left to eternally duke it out back and forth as a few old men get all the prizes. Meanwhile we get debt and think we are...
Is the article online or can you scan it? I plan to get it tattooed on my chest.
Quote: Originally Posted by Duff_Man I'm very impressed with the ISU. We haven't gotten a single group of note even really hit the gate at Wellington and John St since friday. We all get tooled up and excited as the comment sparkles with 'incoming', and then it turns fizzles into an anticlimax as they get diverted somewhere else. Today we had a couple close calls at King St. and John, and that was the closest they got. Are you a TO cop?
Quote: Originally Posted by butterflystyle According to who? I use my quad core every single day. A few Google searches. Later I discovered that a few apps I want to use will in fact use it, as will the next Half Life, which is about the only game I care about. And I found a better deal on a 3.2 ghz quad-core, so went with that. I placed the order today but was about 30 minutes too late to pick the machine up, so I'll get it tomorrow....
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