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Third for Osprey.
Fuck most of you guys are douches. Our own do dress better, as far as I'm concerned, and I prefer NYR's fits in particular, but the winner came off as very polished and did a fine job. As a few others said, if this guy came out on SF and had a couple thousand posts, we'd all be very happy for him. He dresses within the spectrum we see on the more prolific posters on WAYWRN. Good for him.
Quote: Originally Posted by foodguy Sometimes, my wise round little friend, you have to make yourself vulnerable, leave yourself open to looking like an idiot. not nearly on a conne scale, but somewhat. chicks dig it.
Nothing wrong with a little of the Ludwig Van. Typically I listen to a bit of music only at the end of the day once the slackers have left and only in my own office.
Quote: Originally Posted by Radagast Can anyone recommend a good massage therapist in Edmonton? Preferably Downtown or on the Southside. I know the name Apples & Dandelions through my sister. Should be good.
I think IRC died around 10 years ago. That said, Mibbit seems to be an okay web-based client.
Nobody respects America.
I have a pair for running and climbing approach, and a pair of the leather ones for the gym. In my spare time I enjoy spitting on women, insulfating powders and eating rare steaks. So no, not a vegan or Tom's guy. I do play ultimate in them though.
I know a dude named Dana.
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