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I need to move ASAP so I have more space to iron. That's really the issue.
I knew starting this threak would be dumb. New dry cleaner and the problem is more apparent than ever before. Maybe I should switch all my shirts to MOP.
Quote: Originally Posted by gfreeman Would any of you know of any jobs for a writer around town? I graduated from the U of A this past April with a writing degree and I'm in dire need of a full-time job. How else will I be able to build up a MC-calibre wardrobe? You's in the wrong city boy (girl).
Missed this thread first time around, but I would be interested in seeing where this goes.
I see a douche with a suit that doesn't fit, Borat, and Colonel Sander's hermaphrodite offspring.
Dry cleaner (well, laundry) trashed some plastic shirt buttons. Cracked and all that. Worth complaining or par for the course? Don't tell me to wash my own shirts, I'm too lazy to iron.
Sleeves look good. I would not change the measurement.
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 I still get 2 or 3 pms a WEEK from a Seiko watch I sold last year. That's nothing. I know a guy who sold a pink cashmere tie TWO years ago and the thread still keeps getting bumped by prospective buyers!
Quote: Originally Posted by Bull OK, but not this. This shit is flawless: Quote: Originally Posted by George A classic example of someone who needs structure/padding in his shoulders. Coat just screams Italian bespoke. Blah......... Pink trousers.... Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley But it is "flawless." At least so we're told. No attack on the guy in the pic - I think he's...
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