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First flights, then ties, now he's screwing home owners (who've already been hit by declining home equity) when they hire him to fix their houses?
Bouncer asked me where I got my suit. I told him I forgot. This is my default answer now.
I only wear the double-ended bar style.
This was my desktop wallpaper for quite a while a while back. I have been single-mindedly focused on my career for a few months now. I'm actually quite pleased with myself, it's been refreshing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Clean Alberta is arguably Canada's most conservative province. Have heard a few things about Oil and Gas companies staffed with old white guys, but nothing too serious. Personally, I have never seen any issues in my work or personal life. Don't think this is something you should worry about a lot. Piles and piles of non-whites in the business and the city. The city is the third most diverse in the country. ...
Get it MTM. But I think it would look affected.
Next time just visit www.mantonandkwilktalkfood.com
If I were going to get a skeleton I would go full skeleton:
New-ish (three months) administrator. I told her to make a one-character change to an item in a software system. She had to print out the email, at which point she came to me to tell me there was no difference between what I told her to change and what she already had in the system. The item in question was an email address. What we had currently was "lmi@". The change to be made was to "lml@". Everyone in their right mind can tell that's a change from "el em eye"...
Maybe Calgary needs to schedule a meet-up. Quote: Originally Posted by Mr Herbert whats the industry in calgary like at the moment? booming like all oil towns? does anyone know - is it traditional oil or shale / oil sands type stuff? Yes, all of Canada's significant O&G players are based in Calgary, whether conventional, shale or oil sands. Things have picked up as far as I know.
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