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Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI If you're going to get one black shoe, at least get a bal, dammit. That would be my thought as well.
So time to try out bespoke or something close to it, in a city that really doesn't do it (Calgary). Giovanni has been discussed on this forum before, very briefly, for his alterations. I have had fair success with taking in jackets, sleeves and other more minor things with him. He claims to be one of the few tailors in Canada able to do true bespoke, although I doubt there is really anyone here who can say who can and who can't. What I do know is that he is very...
Not really, but it fits my lifestyle, bro.
Toronto? Right now? Still, nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by lefty How was the salmon run? Were they leaping into your arms? lefty It was good, caught our limit in Chinook within about two hours and only stopped on the Coho because we were catching Chinook when trying to get Coho and I don't think catch and release has a high-enough success rate. However, it's apparently the Sockeye run that has been huge this year.
I believe all sushi in restaurants is frozen, in reality. Kwilk and others, best way to defrost? On ice, in the fridge, over the course of two days? Slower equals better?
Good to see the stupid headphone controls on the Shuffle are gone. I still have an original Shuffle, a Nano and a Classic. All going strong, although I don't use the Nano much at all now.
The bird can fly. Unless it's threatening you, who gives a shit where it rests?
Measurements on the Marteganis and where were they purchased?
Nice. I will perhaps thaw a smaller fillet and let you know how it turns out.
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