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Nothing wrong with a little of the Ludwig Van. Typically I listen to a bit of music only at the end of the day once the slackers have left and only in my own office.
Quote: Originally Posted by Radagast Can anyone recommend a good massage therapist in Edmonton? Preferably Downtown or on the Southside. I know the name Apples & Dandelions through my sister. Should be good.
I think IRC died around 10 years ago. That said, Mibbit seems to be an okay web-based client.
Nobody respects America.
I have a pair for running and climbing approach, and a pair of the leather ones for the gym. In my spare time I enjoy spitting on women, insulfating powders and eating rare steaks. So no, not a vegan or Tom's guy. I do play ultimate in them though.
I know a dude named Dana.
Quants are sucks. Thier models are fail them.
Not true. Even some scenes in Attenborough's Blue Planet were filmed at zoos. I can't be sure about the Life Of... series, but you can be sure if Attenborough is faking it, everyone else is. Having said that, there are definitely times where they do sit for two months to get three minutes of video.
Goddamn that sounds awesome. I would walk so much.
Who has roaming charges inside their own country? I sure as hell don't pay to roam with Bell when I'm in Eastern Canada.
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