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I would complain.
Sorry about that, won't happen again. Quote: Originally Posted by Nosu3 You need to recycle. This could have very well been me except I focus on public trash cans instead of other people's property. You would be shocked at how many people ignore the recycling bin that is right next to the trash cans. Weird. Are you an old Chinese guy? I once had a client tell me he expected to spend his retirement picking cans out of ditches, after a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ryan Graber As a student... colleges on campus. You remind me of a kid I knew and hated in college.
Bris thought he coined the term "no homo?" Are you serious?
Quote: Originally Posted by whiteslashasian From the Memory Express website for your Mushkin XP3-10666 Blackline Using the image above as a reference point, set your Memclock Value to 1333mhz, DRAM timing to Auto for now (if you still have trouble go into manual mode and set them to 7-7-7-20 as they should follow in that order), and the Memory Overvoltage to 1.7v to start. Try running Memtest after that. Chances are, your memory voltage at stock is...
I've learned a crapload from this site, about lots of stuff, and could learn a lot more if I took the time to actually learn from the CE's brightest. I am impressed that a forum would attract such a diverse group. I don't think there are any others like it. Conversely there's Reddit, where the collective intelligence level is very low yet apparently the readership is apparently quite diverse and not all hipsters and basement dwellers.
System froze within a few seconds after starting the test. Is the RAM bad or do I just need to configure the BIOS as you suggested?
Froze up while unzipping a .7z file just now. All prices CAD.
Quote: Originally Posted by nicad2000 Dated the same girl for nearly my entire stint in college.... +1
So here's how this went down: went to the store, they price matched all the other internet sites I found, they suggested not buying the CPU or case fans for now, they did suggest buying a graphics card so I got a Radeon 5750 (I think) for about $150, they mounted the CPU on the mobo and I assembled the rest of the system. Total cost was around $800. $650 including tax until the graphics card came along. Thing is damn fast. Of course I am well past the point where...
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