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Next time just visit
If I were going to get a skeleton I would go full skeleton:
New-ish (three months) administrator. I told her to make a one-character change to an item in a software system. She had to print out the email, at which point she came to me to tell me there was no difference between what I told her to change and what she already had in the system. The item in question was an email address. What we had currently was "lmi@". The change to be made was to "lml@". Everyone in their right mind can tell that's a change from "el em eye"...
Maybe Calgary needs to schedule a meet-up. Quote: Originally Posted by Mr Herbert whats the industry in calgary like at the moment? booming like all oil towns? does anyone know - is it traditional oil or shale / oil sands type stuff? Yes, all of Canada's significant O&G players are based in Calgary, whether conventional, shale or oil sands. Things have picked up as far as I know.
Quote: Originally Posted by tomgirl i have a love/hate relationship with calgary. every time i go there with the intention of having fun, i end up going out and realizing that their night scene kind of sucks. i don't know what it is, but i haven't managed to find a place i consistently have a good time at. the hi-fi club is probably the closest i've come to that, since 17th is obnoxious for the most part. there are a lot of meatheads there, too. big...
You guys are all fucked. I push the condom off from the top, and pull the tip out as I do... my dick isn't a scaly piece of shit so it slides relatively well. I give the girl a towel which I would have had conveniently located. Or, if she under 23, I hand her a t-shirt. If it's nighttime, I then fall asleep with my dick nestled in her rear. If morning, I ask if she wants to shower. Not complex, just makes sense.
The electronic devices thing on planes is more about you not being distracted while they can babble at you about how the bag may not inflate, I think.
MSN (or basically any web-only news/info company) business model: 1. Hire lowest common denominator writers to crank out content, whether it's smart, makes any sense, etc.; 2. Fill page with advertising; 3. Hope people keep coming back; 4. Profit.
Moving from NYC you will cry yourself to sleep for a year. As far as Canada goes it's second to Vancouver for work/life balance, in my mind. Toronto is what it is but isn't somewhere I'd want to be. There will be money in Calgary for a long time. A number of NYC IB firms are in the city now. Mercato in Mission for Italian. Zipang in Bridgeland for sushi. Rouge in Inglewood for French was on the Pellegrino list. Phil & Sebastian's in Marda Loop for coffee. These...
I subscribe to Pio's viewpoint. I don't know what you people's deal is. Tell her you have to excuse yourself for a moment. Spray some air freshener in the bathroom. Done. To me the relationship isn't comfortable until you can watch her poop. I imagine most of you will still be avoiding the topic of shit on your 25th wedding anniversary by the sounds of it. Pio, how the fuck did you get 32,000 posts?
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