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Quote: Originally Posted by suited Were you looking for a dead body with 3 of your friends? I don't get the reference.
Walked across this while drunk at night. Took 30 minutes. A train appeared at the other end 30 seconds from us being across. Ran the last 50 meters and climbed over the fence as the train approached. Also was in a multiple rollover in southern Idaho, not belted in. Vehicle totaled. Five guys, no one even broke anything. One guy did pass out for ten minutes, and two of us rode to the hospital on backboards. At least a few of us should have been dead.
Seven shirts. Sleeves on the first one were too short, probably due to my measurements, but still totally wearable. After that no problems. Searching fabrics isn't as easy as it should be, and the way they rate fabrics isn't very self-explanatory. Otherwise no complaints. Great prices. I bought a $150 fabric for half off during the recent sale and am very, very impressed. Ordered split yoke and French cuffs and they did a perfect job. Quality is better than...
This thread should be renamed "Official thread for talking to girls".
Damn. I just bought a sz33 Slim Guy. I am a 33 in Nudie Slim Jims. Should I have sized down to 32? 32 fit but was a bit tight, couldn't really get hands in pockets, top button hard to get done up.
Last night some homeless dude was driving his cart full of cans around my street for an hour at 4 a.m. That was annoying.
Interested in: -Cotton khaki/beige sz 34 -Cotton light blue sz 34 -Wool light grey sz 34 Am in Canada.
I would complain.
Sorry about that, won't happen again. Quote: Originally Posted by Nosu3 You need to recycle. This could have very well been me except I focus on public trash cans instead of other people's property. You would be shocked at how many people ignore the recycling bin that is right next to the trash cans. Weird. Are you an old Chinese guy? I once had a client tell me he expected to spend his retirement picking cans out of ditches, after a...
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