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Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff yeah. op seems like a nice guy but if her or anybody she knows comes across this (or if i were her friend and saw this) , it would be strongly recommended to cease communication/any relationship with op Pretty sure that applies if any woman ever finds any of our discussions on SF.
Quote: Originally Posted by 604Coast Woof, Alberta? Yup. Quote: Originally Posted by Nicola If it's a used book then is it Amazon or somebody using the Amazon website? Used books look at Abes. http://www.abebooks.com/ Those foreign companies are all crooks. Remembering to count your fingers after dealing with an American company. Thanks for the link, looks good. Generally I'd prefer to order from the US, if...
Quote: Originally Posted by matt22616 If you have the opportunity to do so, go for it. Some of the best friends and experiences I've ever made wouldn't have come to be were it not for my joining a fraternity. Essentially, what do you have to lose? I can almost guarantee you it's not nearly as much as you have to gain. I'll second this as well. I am very close friends with a half dozen fraternity Brothers and still in regular contact with...
Quote: Originally Posted by Raoul Duke Ahh, things are finally moving again. As for my fees, I'm going to go request a refund today. As per the Xpresspost information package: The guarantee is based on the service provided from the time of pickup or acceptance of the Item by Canada Post to the time the delivery was first attempted. The guarantee does not apply in the case of delay or non-delivery caused by an event beyond the control of Canada...
Quote: Originally Posted by 604Coast US P.O. Box or friend near border, lifesaver for online shopping. Unfortunately I live in the one substantial Canadian city more than an hour from the border.
Uh bond state... I've been pulled over in MT and the very friendly (actually!) trooper told me I could either pay immediately in cash or he'd tow me to the cop shop, where I could then pay him, but I couldn't drive another inch until he was paid. Simply because I was from out of state. Happily the ticket was $40 or something. The jail comment is fubared though.
The prestige is largely bullshit unless you get tapped for S&B, but I have found it helpful to be a member of a fraternity.
Jacket is too big. I can tell from the pixels.
Is this place just another Ikea or is the quality somewhat better? Edit - Oh. They have a US website but I guess only stores in Canada. So I doubt I'll get any responses.
Quote: Originally Posted by tomgirl I can't believe more of you don't just think this chick is being nice. As I was reading the OP's situation, my only thought was "classic case of a girl being friendly because a nice guy asked her out and she doesn't want to be a total bitch". I'd find someone more enthusiastic to go on a date with you. I'd agree with you if the girl hadn't actually called him back, and put up with his ridiculous stalling on...
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