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My mother and father and sister, although they are fallible. I would likely trust my mentor without any concern. I have one business partner who I trust in business to give me the right advice and tell me in advance if he's about to screw me over.
Quote: Originally Posted by lauz125 I've just reported you anyway. You're attitude is appauling and unnecessary- you shouldn't be allowed to treat members like that, especially new ones! Talk about off putting!
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger check the financial situation of the co-op itself....make sure its in good standing This is the first comment in the thread I think is relevant. Co-op/condo board financial health is important. I don't know how NYC works but typically if the fees are too low the board may be underfunded and you're about to get hit with massive special assessments. Quote: Originally Posted by...
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 i have never used a towel or re-racked. fuck all of you. i will de-load the bench to 225 but that should be standard or you should go home anyway This is fine with me. I can't do 225lbs but to get to what I can do only requires a minimal amount of work. Taking every plate off is a waste. I also wipe before I start, not when I'm done, typically. This is logical. Since many others don't wipe after,...
Back-to-work legislation passed in the House last night. Shouldn't take long before packages are flowing again.
Quote: Originally Posted by enjoiii Thanks for making us Canadians look bad Srs?
+1 on the chukkas, by the way, then the Peals. I don't think the loafers work unless you're over 50.
Quote: Originally Posted by nathanr What do you wear this with? Sandy colored chinos? Lots and lots of colours. I can imagine grey, charcoal, permutations of those with brown (maybe a brown on grey windowpane), for the more adventurous, red. Dark purple (plum) with a navy sport coat. The list goes on.
I used to own a store that sold see-through underwear. I made one hundred million dollars per year.
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