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llcooljayce, I have been through what you've been through with other MTM outfits. I've been fitted for suits in China in person and had them come back wrong. I've had stuff done locally and had it be wrong. I am also in Calgary. Go to O'Connors and see if the Coppley MTM event is still going on. Prices start at around $750 I think, and they know what they're doing. Or just do what I do now and buy Samuelsohn OTR, since they fit me just fine. I've been through enough...
Luckily, he holds the patent, so it has to be him.
Calgary store allowed stacking today. I got three bows, one tie and an 1818 SC for about $400, regular $900. A friend got two 1818 Fitzs for about $600 each.
Actually, the fine print on the email I received from the non-profit that gets me my discount indicates cordovan is excluded, but says nothing about BF...
Interestingly, IC appears to now be traveling. They are sending someone to my city in March. I might go down and have a look for fun.
Lolwut?It's a bloody automatic mate, of course you need to "move it to keep it going."
I bought about ten pairs between Jan 2010 and Jan 2011, and all are still in fine condition. Hang dry.
I would also be interested in measurements.
This is one of the saddest threads I've ever seen.
Quote: Originally Posted by GreenNYC i was always told to never call the fraternity a frat....because you wouldn't call your country a c___. This stupid saying still irks me. I'll call it my frat if I please.
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