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Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Unjung, you seem to be a lad with some marketable talents. Why not move south too? I'm trying to build a portfolio of skills and contacts that will allow me to be a bit of an "international businessman." I enjoy visiting the US a lot and would like to earn income there. And buy a place along the Oregon coast.
Saw a docu about furries and some dude had a plate that said "YIFF." Also saw one that said "WHT PWR."
Quote: Originally Posted by JMRouse The problem is all the gadget and technology stuff gets put in Fine Living, Home, Design & Auto and it does not really fit. If you are worried about PC building threads, an official one could be made and pinned. Sports fits well in Entertainment and Culture. And everything that doesn't fit somewhere else goes in GC.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Not to break up the Javyn circle jerk but I have a request for the new forum: Can we please, finally, get a section sub-heading for Technology? I was going to post about the new Google + project and I have no idea where to put it. Quote: Originally Posted by JMRouse +1 Technology/Gadgets/Web would be an awesome addition. -1000 Put it in GC. This subforum would just be...
Used book on Amazon.com: $0.99 Shipping within the US: $3.99 Good deal! Go to checkout, shipping is now $15 (we all know you can send a paperwork USPS to Canada for about $5)! Same used book on Amazon.ca: $5.99 Shipping within Canada: $8.99 So a $5 book in the US (which would be about $4.75 CAD) is actually $15 in Canada. Fuck Canada.
My mother and father and sister, although they are fallible. I would likely trust my mentor without any concern. I have one business partner who I trust in business to give me the right advice and tell me in advance if he's about to screw me over.
Quote: Originally Posted by lauz125 I've just reported you anyway. You're attitude is appauling and unnecessary- you shouldn't be allowed to treat members like that, especially new ones! Talk about off putting!
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger check the financial situation of the co-op itself....make sure its in good standing This is the first comment in the thread I think is relevant. Co-op/condo board financial health is important. I don't know how NYC works but typically if the fees are too low the board may be underfunded and you're about to get hit with massive special assessments. Quote: Originally Posted by...
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 i have never used a towel or re-racked. fuck all of you. i will de-load the bench to 225 but that should be standard or you should go home anyway This is fine with me. I can't do 225lbs but to get to what I can do only requires a minimal amount of work. Taking every plate off is a waste. I also wipe before I start, not when I'm done, typically. This is logical. Since many others don't wipe after,...
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