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Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 i have never used a towel or re-racked. fuck all of you. i will de-load the bench to 225 but that should be standard or you should go home anyway This is fine with me. I can't do 225lbs but to get to what I can do only requires a minimal amount of work. Taking every plate off is a waste. I also wipe before I start, not when I'm done, typically. This is logical. Since many others don't wipe after,...
Back-to-work legislation passed in the House last night. Shouldn't take long before packages are flowing again.
Quote: Originally Posted by enjoiii Thanks for making us Canadians look bad Srs?
+1 on the chukkas, by the way, then the Peals. I don't think the loafers work unless you're over 50.
Quote: Originally Posted by nathanr What do you wear this with? Sandy colored chinos? Lots and lots of colours. I can imagine grey, charcoal, permutations of those with brown (maybe a brown on grey windowpane), for the more adventurous, red. Dark purple (plum) with a navy sport coat. The list goes on.
I used to own a store that sold see-through underwear. I made one hundred million dollars per year.
New boots for the Calgary Stampede: Single piece of ostrich from South Africa for the vamp, kangaroo for the shaft. Double lined leather, steel shank, made in Calgary. Pricey but worth it.
Young people do stupid things. Personally I'd feel bad but I'm not sure I'd give her money back... I did once sell a piece of shit Jetta to some teenager for $1,500 or something like that, money he'd saved for a year or something, he said. He took it to a dealership and had it inspected. Of course the thing failed with flying colours - gotta take those things to independent mechanics. The shop told him the wheels were going to fall off. I don't believe that was...
I have a full-time contract fund wholesaling gig, but I also dabble in one-off business brokering. I have two deals in the pipeline right now. Neither are for sure but they're the biggest deals I've ever worked on independently, both eight figure transactions. It's a rush just working on them. Even if neither close, I am strengthening my connections with four separate groups I respect, three of them successful small PE firms.
New Posts  All Forums: