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Quote: Originally Posted by 604Coast US P.O. Box or friend near border, lifesaver for online shopping. Unfortunately I live in the one substantial Canadian city more than an hour from the border.
Uh bond state... I've been pulled over in MT and the very friendly (actually!) trooper told me I could either pay immediately in cash or he'd tow me to the cop shop, where I could then pay him, but I couldn't drive another inch until he was paid. Simply because I was from out of state. Happily the ticket was $40 or something. The jail comment is fubared though.
The prestige is largely bullshit unless you get tapped for S&B, but I have found it helpful to be a member of a fraternity.
Jacket is too big. I can tell from the pixels.
Is this place just another Ikea or is the quality somewhat better? Edit - Oh. They have a US website but I guess only stores in Canada. So I doubt I'll get any responses.
Quote: Originally Posted by tomgirl I can't believe more of you don't just think this chick is being nice. As I was reading the OP's situation, my only thought was "classic case of a girl being friendly because a nice guy asked her out and she doesn't want to be a total bitch". I'd find someone more enthusiastic to go on a date with you. I'd agree with you if the girl hadn't actually called him back, and put up with his ridiculous stalling on...
Quote: Originally Posted by Richard Pryor ... Christ dude. This is how most guy-girl interactions go, before they move on to dating. You're on the right track, only a decade or so late. The fact she called you back, to me, implies interest in spending time with you. Again, I wouldn't kill yourself over this being as friends or something more, but I would assume something more and act accordingly. Next time, don't put off to Friday setting...
But how is the Boss contributing to employment figures in North Dakota?
Jesus, 31 and still starting this type of thread? Is this the first woman you've met in your life? I wouldn't rule her out, but I don't know what you expect with her leaving right away. Be cool, act friendly, don't push, don't be weird, but keep her in the loop and make occasional attempts to spend time with her, in groups or alone, and if you become friends, that will probably have to be good enough. When she gets back, you can try to move things forward. However,...
Quote: Originally Posted by JMRouse Under that reasoning, then no other sub-forums should ever be created. If a topic does not fit in what we have now, it goes under GC. If that's your stance, that's fine. I just find it kind of limiting and don't see why we can't create new sub-forums if the interest is there. It's just overkill. The mods have to balance creating a lifestyle forum that goes beyond men's clothing and creates a community,...
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