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I'm a 9.5D in the #5 last (Park Aves, etc.). Anyone know what size of #2 last (Eagle County...) I am? (Obviously I am searching this thread for insight as well.)
Bought these on eBay from another forum member and very unfortunately the fit doesn't work for me. Only worn twice. Hemmed to 29.5 inseam. Really nice dark denim. Fits like APC NS sz 31 or Naked and Famous Slim Guy 33. Jump Gustin's queue and grab these. From Gustin's site: Gustin jeans made from sanforized raw selvedge denim from Cone Mills in Greensboro, NC. The most defining characteristic of this fabric is its blue warp (top surface) and black weft. Instead of...
Would have started a new thread about this but couldn't seem to find the "new thread" button. I just got hit with an ad for that new Noah movie, with sound. These have popped up on other sites as well (Business Insider), but I figure here the admins might actually care enough to figure out how to stop these sorts of ads, where sound plays automatically.
The Italian Cultural Club has a bocce league. Maybe you should drop in when they're playing.Or try La Brezza. Or call Giovanni and see what he suggests. But I think you are asking too much of this city.
Viccel socks, AE Strands, Naked and Famous denim. Slacking off on the polishing, big time.
I've been wearing them for several years. Never had a problem before this week.
Has anyone has an issue with this problem starting at random on an older pair of shoes? I have a pair of Park Aves that just started doing this this morning. Very annoying.
What happened to the massive sunglasses thread?
I find that flannels and cashmere blends stick on the OTC socks... so I have to have a variety, or else I'm constantly pulling my pant legs down when I stand up from my desk.
Nearly perfect other than the items pointed out by the other posters.
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