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This is one of the all-time worst threads.
My American cousins give me grief over it. I understand it's more appropriate in the UK?
I wear walnut with navy often. I also wore black with navy yesterday. To hell with the rules.
Creeper shot... saw these in the wild today on an older gent at a library committee meeting. He was wearing a chambray-esque sport coat and a fairly colourful shirt. It looked okay, if unconventional. I still wouldn't do it though.
Received an order of seconds today. I bought a pair of Mora 2.0s and Eagle Countys. Both are in wonderful condition. The Mora has one minor defect on the back... to me, it's practically unnoticeable and I am certainly not unhappy about it. I went with 9.5D in both, just like my Park Ave/Strand size, and it's pretty good... my right foot must be a bit big as the right Mora is a bit tight around the front of my foot, but I will either let it stretch naturally, or I'll...
London is just realizing this now? NYC, Beijing... this has already happened.
What city is the NL outlet in? Can't find it on the website.
Do you have a pair? I am also in Calgary. I'm wondering if I can wear these occasionally in the winter. Am I insane?
I'm a 9.5D in the #5 last (Park Aves, etc.). Anyone know what size of #2 last (Eagle County...) I am? (Obviously I am searching this thread for insight as well.)
Bought these on eBay from another forum member and very unfortunately the fit doesn't work for me. Only worn twice. Hemmed to 29.5 inseam. Really nice dark denim. Fits like APC NS sz 31 or Naked and Famous Slim Guy 33. Jump Gustin's queue and grab these. From Gustin's site: Gustin jeans made from sanforized raw selvedge denim from Cone Mills in Greensboro, NC. The most defining characteristic of this fabric is its blue warp (top surface) and black weft. Instead of...
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