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Trail suit fit pics. Lighting is terrible. I may retake for that reason alone. Other than that though, the fit is quite good. I'm 5'11", 175 lbs, and this is a 40R. I suspect alterations will be minor. I haven't heard back from Aaron/Kent yet, and I have my own ideas for what needs to be done, but I look forward to their thoughts as well. Edit: Err, yes, I recognize I am wearing walnut shoes with a charcoal suit. I grabbed the first shoe in my closet.
I don't see anything.
For those having jackets made, how are you communicating your sizing? Are you providing another jacket, or is Luxire basing the jacket off shirt measurements? They've indicated they can copy a leather jacket from another manufacturer that's no longer available, but I'm hesitant, given the exact fit I'm looking for.
I have something similar, a grey cashmere/denim blend with a pleat along the sides. They also exist in the "between jeans and trousers" space and are very comfortable. I forget who made them.
I certainly did, but in my experience, I have never, ever fit into a 38. Hence some surprise. Not a big deal though.
According to the SS size advisor, I'm a 38R. I find this odd as I have always worn a 40R, or even 41R. Is it possible SS vanity sizes a bit?
Where is Luxire in terms of doing suits? I assumed they could but can find nothing on the website in terms of swatches.
What is the measurement at the thigh? I have reasonably large thighs but now avoid any further bulking there.
Is everyone else having the same issues I have with the MC socks falling down? I like the OTCs except thicker (flannel) trousers get stuck.
This is an old pair of Loakes that have been heavily abused. Is this damage at all remotely repairable, or are these trash?
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