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What is the measurement at the thigh? I have reasonably large thighs but now avoid any further bulking there.
Is everyone else having the same issues I have with the MC socks falling down? I like the OTCs except thicker (flannel) trousers get stuck.
This is an old pair of Loakes that have been heavily abused. Is this damage at all remotely repairable, or are these trash?
Then they must be frequent as I took advantage of another a month ago.
How regularly does AE do a sale on seconds?
Not at all. You were just the only name of significant I noted in my three-second tour there.DT appears to be nothing but the girly pic threads. Halfway down the page and you're into two month old threads.
In Stitches scared everyone off eh?
I finally start getting interested in SF again and this place is a ghost town. B&S is dead... dumb threads is Pio and tumbleweeds... MC is mostly affiliate threads (granted, some are selling great stuff). There are three month-old threads on the first page of most of the non-clothing related subs. What happened?
This thread makes me sad.
I am seeking recommendations for a 17" top-closure soft briefcase, ideally in tan. I am looking at the Glaser day bag but am wondering if I can find something at a slightly lower price point. I don't need all the detailing of Glaser... less would be more. I have contacted a couple of the custom leatherworkers from this thread to see what they might say as well. And of course, I have been through the thread and have seen some nice things, but unfortunately not very many...
New Posts  All Forums: