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You nailed it. Thank you. Are new burgundy PAs the same calf as the blacks and browns? Or should I be looking at cordovan if I want a reasonable quality burgundy from AE?
PA.My burgundy pair are a substantially different leather than my blacks or browns.
Perhaps I need to begin upgrading my shoe collection.
The cliff thing is going to be very noisy with the waves right there, I think.
Why is burgundy calf so plasticky?
They're green?
Has the 2 for $300 sale started? Does it apply to everything ex shell?
I am look for a dark on light pinstripe flannel. I know Fox did one for London Lounge: http://www.themerchantfox.co.uk/prod/225/london-lounge/london-lounge-graphite-warp-stripe Is anyone familiar with any other options I might look at? It seems a rare pattern.
Remember when @institches arrived on the forum?
Why is Gustin buying cotton from and supporting a dictatorship like Zimbabwe?
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