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Is $179 a good price for suede Strands? Looks like they're a discontinued style, and I do love the Strand.
Argon filled windows, no big deal. Canada and Scandinavia have enough examples of heavily glassed residential to show this.
You nailed it. Thank you. Are new burgundy PAs the same calf as the blacks and browns? Or should I be looking at cordovan if I want a reasonable quality burgundy from AE?
PA.My burgundy pair are a substantially different leather than my blacks or browns.
Perhaps I need to begin upgrading my shoe collection.
The cliff thing is going to be very noisy with the waves right there, I think.
Why is burgundy calf so plasticky?
They're green?
Has the 2 for $300 sale started? Does it apply to everything ex shell?
I am look for a dark on light pinstripe flannel. I know Fox did one for London Lounge: Is anyone familiar with any other options I might look at? It seems a rare pattern.
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