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The Viglink links are obnoxious. It would be nice if they showed up in a different colour than real links.Yes. The sheer number of affiliate and brand specific threads in MC really impacts the quality of the forum.
Thank you both for clearing that up.
Buy some cheap invisible socks on eBay. I would not go sockless, nor pretend to go sockless, in a suit. Otherwise I don't see an issue.
Canadian working in capital markets here. Suit Supply is a good call. I'd avoid pinstriped suits, and no to French cuffs. Navy, grey and charcoal suits. A bit of a checked pattern (Prince of Wales) wouldn't be the end of you. Don't show sock, that look doesn't work.
My local store is telling me BB no longer layers discounts... 50% off on clearance items right now in store and I want to add the corporate discount. Anyone know if there's been a policy change?
Cheyenne in my opinion. I have something similar from LLB and enjoy them.
Thanks gents. I purchased a pair from CJ's special offer page, and sized down, but I think if I'm satisfied I may need to try bespoke next time.
When on the cusp of two sizes (of CJs), should one size up or size down?
Kent, any thoughts on sizing of suits in flannel? As you know, I received a suit from you a few weeks ago and it fits very well, although within the range of the fitting of suits I like, it is snug (I have some Samuelsohns that hang quite loose, I will say). I think it's been remarked, and I do feel, that flannel fits snugger than other wools. Would you agree, and if so, what steps should I take in terms of communicating adjustments to ensure a flannel suit from you...
I would be more frightened of slipping on those stairs, handrail or not. Gravity pulls you down stairs, not across them.
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