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Not at all. You were just the only name of significant I noted in my three-second tour there.DT appears to be nothing but the girly pic threads. Halfway down the page and you're into two month old threads.
In Stitches scared everyone off eh?
I finally start getting interested in SF again and this place is a ghost town. B&S is dead... dumb threads is Pio and tumbleweeds... MC is mostly affiliate threads (granted, some are selling great stuff). There are three month-old threads on the first page of most of the non-clothing related subs. What happened?
This thread makes me sad.
I am seeking recommendations for a 17" top-closure soft briefcase, ideally in tan. I am looking at the Glaser day bag but am wondering if I can find something at a slightly lower price point. I don't need all the detailing of Glaser... less would be more. I have contacted a couple of the custom leatherworkers from this thread to see what they might say as well. And of course, I have been through the thread and have seen some nice things, but unfortunately not very many...
This is one of the all-time worst threads.
My American cousins give me grief over it. I understand it's more appropriate in the UK?
I wear walnut with navy often. I also wore black with navy yesterday. To hell with the rules.
Creeper shot... saw these in the wild today on an older gent at a library committee meeting. He was wearing a chambray-esque sport coat and a fairly colourful shirt. It looked okay, if unconventional. I still wouldn't do it though.
Received an order of seconds today. I bought a pair of Mora 2.0s and Eagle Countys. Both are in wonderful condition. The Mora has one minor defect on the back... to me, it's practically unnoticeable and I am certainly not unhappy about it. I went with 9.5D in both, just like my Park Ave/Strand size, and it's pretty good... my right foot must be a bit big as the right Mora is a bit tight around the front of my foot, but I will either let it stretch naturally, or I'll...
New Posts  All Forums: