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Happy to entertain offers.
I will not own a house without a hot tub. Then again, I live in the frigid north.
...Therefore not a black swan at all...
Needs another five degrees.
Tell us more of your non-exploits.
ITT: patrickBOOTH attempts to convince himself he's interested in women while he clearly is not.
I am looking to find a new go-to suit maker. I've been wearing Samuelsohn but would like to branch out as it seems there must be other makers whose fits I can depend on, that come available on sale more often. Looking through eBay, I see a lot of Belvest and D'Avanza. My question isn't about their quality, as I understand they're pretty decent if you can get them at a good price. My question is, instead - why are there so many of their suits on eBay? More than any other...
I am offering a tan linen two-button suit. This is an item I had made to measure in Beijing for myself by D&J Tailor. They are one of the more respected shops in that city. This suit has never been worn but rather has been hanging in my closet for some time. I would prefer to send it to a good home where it will be appreciated rather than dumping it at a thrift shop. It is a two button suit with side vents. It has working surgeon cuffs. It is cut to a slim 40R drop 8 (so...
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