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Happy to entertain offers.
Happy to entertain offers.
Can anyone provide an opinion on the fit of the 50mm keyhole sunglasses on a bigger head, which I do have? I typically wear a 54mm Ray-Ban.
For sale are a mint pair of size 34 Howard Yount blue and yellow checked wool pants. Another purchase when I was younger, dumber and thinner. I don't ever recall wearing them out of the house. Help me clean out my closet. Waist: 17" Inseam: 29" Outseam: 39" 1.5" remaining to hem.
I have added some additional measurements in terms of the widths of the legs at various spots.
I have two pairs of NWOT Mabitex flannel pants. Beautiful patterns. I never had the right jacket for them and now I've outgrown them without ever wearing them outside. The tint of the grey pair is more like the full shot of both pairs, not the close up. The tint of the blue pair is more like the close up. Tagged size 50. Waist 17.5" Inseam 30" Outseam 40.5" Leg opening 8.25" Ankle 8.5" Knee 9.25" Thigh Blue 11.5" Thigh Grey 12" $110 USD each. Shipping from...
The Viglink links are obnoxious. It would be nice if they showed up in a different colour than real links.Yes. The sheer number of affiliate and brand specific threads in MC really impacts the quality of the forum.
Thank you both for clearing that up.
Buy some cheap invisible socks on eBay. I would not go sockless, nor pretend to go sockless, in a suit. Otherwise I don't see an issue.
Canadian working in capital markets here. Suit Supply is a good call. I'd avoid pinstriped suits, and no to French cuffs. Navy, grey and charcoal suits. A bit of a checked pattern (Prince of Wales) wouldn't be the end of you. Don't show sock, that look doesn't work.
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