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It is a pocket square.
What do you think? Does this match? Go easy on me!
I bought these ties for the fall to be worn with a creme or white shirt with a sport coat - the SC is in the photo under the ties. Can anyone tell me what this fabric is called? thanks from a newbie
I bought these ties for fall, to wear with the sport coat (which they are on). I also found an amazing all wood matching umbrella. Just curious on opinions. This is my first photo posing after lurking for a few years. Best from NYC
Went shopping in NYC and bought a new suit Put a new wheel on my car I bought on ebay at a great price Wrote my new gf a short (and first) love note. Put the groceries from a woman on the belt in the check-out line when she walked away for a second --she appreciated it and said "good to know there are still gentlemen around" Watched "Deadliest Catch" and had great respect for those men
Is that extra pocket for cigarettes or something?
I am who I am in my avatar
My first real suit I bought about 1988, I was about 20 and living in SOCAL. It was a dark brown double breasted suit that I wore the hell out of. It was a texturized (?) type of fabric, no idea where I bought it, but it made me look quite dapper I was told. I own 10+ suits now and none are double breasted, or will be.
New York City has stores that only sell buttons and they will sell you one, two, or 400. Google for them.
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