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I'll blow your crotch out.
This smug fat fuck is from Everett, Washington. Has anyone ever visited that shithole?
Glenn Beck is originally from Everett, Washington. Has anyone ever been to that creepy shithole? Nuff said.
Quote: Originally Posted by xchen haha, that shoe is a size 638.5 D I warned Paul Bunyan that he should size down one. He didn't listen, apparently.
fuckin sickos
who's masturbating right now?
even more flip flops than on the feet of Midwestern transplant college students in New York.
I'm was born in America, am ethnically Korean, and don't have an accent as far as I know. But then again, I grew up in the sticks around a bunch of white people and actually grew ashamed of speaking Korean, so I pretty much don't speak it, even with my family, though I do understand it. My conversations with my parents are mostly their speaking Korean and my responding in English. Maybe if I had grown up around a bunch of Koreans I would have gotten all KoREaN PrIDE on...
What did they do to the wash on these? They are designed to fade quickly. Not sure if I like the look of quick-fade jeans. It's not as bad as pre-distressed, but something about the wash is a little weird. I have a pair of black ones where, even after a few washes, the dye comes off on my skin if I've been sweating from skating.
North Korea is no real threat to any country outside South Korea. If they tried some real crazy shit, they'd get attacked by Japan, South Korea, and US forces in the region. China would probably sit back and watch on its neutrality fence. It's all politics and making enemies to divert attention away from the domestic situation here in the US.
New Posts  All Forums: