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for some reason, until that there post, i had always just figured you were in California someplace, weird.
I have to say, I find the "why its down again" message to be very amusing
Quote: Originally Posted by rnrswitch They're sanforized so it won't matter. The shrinking should be minimal. I did see someone on mynudies.com who had presoaked his RRDS and they looked great. Instead of that grayish color they had a very deep blue. I soaked my RRDS and much prefer the after soak color. I have found most of my jeans have gotten darker with a soak, not sure if thats normal or just me though.
soaking will cause them to shrink, if he doesnt soak them now, they are going to shrink a lot when they are first washed. Since they are unsanforized they are going to shrink a lot, so if they are worn in first the wear is going to be all over the place once they do shrink. I would also imagine they are going to be very big and baggy if worn without shrinking.
I would say if they fall off your ass while walking around, they are too big, unless you are going for "sag" at which point they are too small. They dont need to be ball crushing tight, but you should be able to walk without pulling your pants up all the time. If they are loose enough your mom would yell at you to pull up your pants, get a smaller size. Another problem with them being that loose is your friends can easily pants you, so make sure to wear clean underpants.
What did you do to them to get indigo in the tub?
I think the shape is perfect for your face, but the size is just a little big.
Quote: Originally Posted by PunctualAlex So why does washing jeans remove the indigo? it just removes the indigo that has been knocked loose from the fabric by wear.
Quote: Originally Posted by Edward Appleby Don't you find that you get indigo all over your hands? Indigo is not water soluable, so a wet hand should not cause any more to rub off than a dry hand would.
Your best bet is to wait until you are there to shop, since fashion will be different in FL than MI. If you are used to FL fashion, you will be very surprised when you get there As a transplant to FL, the fashion here compared to my native NJ is very, very different.
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