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My company contracts a lot of government work. From what I can tell people with government jobs hire contractors to do what the government hired them to do. But the people with the government jobs get the government benefits, retirement, etc. To answer your question, no, government employees are not very highly regarded. And it's not "public service" when you are getting paid more than your competent private sector counterparts, when there is, in fact, a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sazerac Tucking the hair behind their ears. Don't know why, but I love that little gesture. Exactly what I was going to say. Can't figure out what it is about it, though...
Remember, they are in central Florida. What you are seeing is actual semi-formal. I am sure they immediately changed to more comfortable, casual attire in the courthouse restroom after appearing.
Quote: Originally Posted by rudedog Get one with a turn-down collar instead of a wing collar. Right. The guy with the turn-down collar gets the chicks. The guy with the wing collar brings them their drinks.
Quote: Originally Posted by surfjones I hate the trend toward notch lapels on tuxedos. It's disturbing how annoying I find this. I love this quote.
Sounds like metabolic syndrome. Go on the South Beach diet.
Quote: Originally Posted by Michael Ay329 In California Mayhem is still a crime and I see it every few months when fingers get cut off (by an axe or blade) or ears get ripped off during a Pure Six Brawl. Another P.D. had a mayhem case involving a glory hole incident (use your imagination). The victim actually complained to the police (while at the E.R.). To their credit, the police knew of the location, located the dismembered part and the E.R....
I'm a hiring manager. Dress to fit in with the company, not your litter mates from engineering school. When I hire, even when I hire technical types, one thing I'm looking at is how they would represent my company if they have client contact. I don't like to have to make excuses to my partners like, "Well, he's technical." Skills being equal, I default to social skills and dress. Wear a jacket, at least. This isn't a frat party. It's a career. Time to grow up.
Quote: Originally Posted by Johdus Fanfoozal http://www.usmadeshoes.com/military/...-brown-leather That looks like it might be quite a good value. Anyone had any experience with this?
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