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The greatest!!
A single bowtie... Now picture it without the clothes... :O
I really love cashmere sweaters. I was looking at the J.CREW ones their are just perfect! LINK - But they are way over my budget, anyone know a cheaper alternative? Thanks!
People who scream outta their lungs, benching like 120lbs... :\\
I chose Toronto, currently and currently residing here. I've been to many other places but I just like the size and diversity in this city. Not too big and not too small - has everything to have a good night in.
Yea thats my favourite knot. Thanks for the pics.
Quote: Originally Posted by CrocsRock Check out a brand called Cazal. Wow his brand is rocking!! Thank you so much.
Wifebeater + Nike Basket Ball Shorts...
Just finished watching it. I have to admit, I loved this movie!! Really funny (when he slaps his worker) and a lot of suspence all around a great film! Definately reccomend this movie.
I really fancy these glasses, I took a few snapshots maybe one of you can spot them? Thanks!
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