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Undyed Makr flap wallet. I like it so far.
If there is sun and heat, then I say wear/rock it. Just make sure you look good!
Quote: Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren Apart from fit (which is an individualized issue), I would say the shirts are very much on par with J. Crew in terms of quality. Better than J. Crew IMO.
Quote: Originally Posted by borderline Excellent, thanks. $75 from sperry, $65 from zappos. go figure. Often you can find them at shoe discounters like Shoe Carnival, DSW, etc for around $50.
^^Sperry Top-siders^^ What Sperry calls "Authentic Original Boat Shoes" The color is "Sahara"
Jeans' fit look great. I'd cuff 'em, but that's me.
I wish they had a Twins version of the "sandlot." I like them, and boat shoes don't need to be fancy.
Here are the boots/shoes I wear most of the time, minus a pair of NB running shoes, a pair of black Finn-Comfort shoes I teach in sometimes, some Baffin snow boots, etc... Pretty standard fare. Wore these guys today:
Quote: Originally Posted by hansonho What do you mean by "if you wear an E"....sorry I'm new here and with some of the terms too. Shoe width is measured in letters, and E is wider than the typical shoe width, D.
Quote: Originally Posted by bimmernate Whats the best way to clean the soles of these? Mine are gross. You don't clean them.
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