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Quote: Originally Posted by JG000 Seems like you'd be equally well suited (pun intended) going to a department store or discount retailer. TJ Maxx and Marshalls have a fairly good tie selection and they're all $15 or under. Their inventory is mostly department store overstock so quality should be on-par with Tie Bar or better. Not super high-end stuff but definitely wearable. I'm a young business student myself (well-- a graduate now). I've gotten a...
Quote: Originally Posted by wogbog This thread has actually had some really awesome and insightful posts actually. Although I'm 21 and never worn a suit so the necessity of dress clothes is questionable, then again I went to a wedding this year and felt mildly underdressed doing what I could with what I own until I saw a dude in a sweater and cargo pants. You were under-dressed. You should have worn a suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fortysomething Hmmm...may have to go see if there are any left locally. Worth a trip. The stitching looked like shit when I spotted some at the local tarjay. It may still be worth the money, but make sure to look it over before you buy.
I've always loved the Pecos boot, but it just doesn't work for my feet, unfortunately.
I wear my Indies in the rain with no worries. They're more waterproof than my desert boots, which will leak in a rainstorm. I hate wet socks.
Quote: Originally Posted by humeee Yesterday I received snuff suede chukkas. They're great. Super comfy, etc. Today I wore them to work/school. I'm a graduate student and I teach classes as part of my fellowship. About 20 minutes into a class I'm teaching (~30 students) I notice three girls in the back whispering and looking at me weird. I just ignore and continue. About 90 seconds later one of them raises their hand and asks: "are you wearing...
Quote: Originally Posted by TintoTerra Went through the local mall today as I was buying the lady a gift and noticed that you can find three or four direct lifts from proper designers in both Gap and BR . Even same season stuff. Annoying when you've spent money on the real deal. Why? Do you like the Gap/BR stuff better? If not, enjoy your shit.
I wore a bandana doo rag when I worked in a catfish restaurant during grad school. I liked my look decidedly more than I did the hair-net look. Under dissimilar conditions, I give doo rags a no.
Quote: Originally Posted by Scoundrel Great find. So the designer wholesales the garment to the store for double its cost. Store then multiplies wholesale price by 2.5. Got it. Always wondered how it worked. Indeed. If it ain't 60% off, (and you're not buying wholesale) then you're handing profit to the retailer. If you are buying wholesale then you gotta get shit 50% off, or you're giving profit to the manufacturer. If you want...
Quote: Originally Posted by tailorrmade Help!!! Can anyone identify this boot? I have no idea what they are but I want a pair! At first I thought they were Timberland Colrain but upon inspection they are not. They appear to be a nice vintage looking 8 inch captoe. Any thoughts? That's a sweet vintage Seiko chrono he's got on
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