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Quote: Originally Posted by Ricardo Malocchio Well, it is kinda tempting. Is the sizing different for raw denim? That is, if I usually wear a 29 waist in the 514s, should I get the 30? I ordered the same size, and they fit just like the regular 514s initially fit. Whether they will stretch out as much is an open question. has a pretty good return policy if you don't like what you get.
I like them fine. They aren't as nice as my JS rockers, but I wasn't epecting them to be. I think they're nicer than the UO unbranded jeans, but the denim is not as heavyweight as the UOs. So I'd say they're worth the eighty bucks Levis is asking. I got 40% off for filling out some survey emailed me, so I picked them up for around $50--I think they're well worth it at that price. Edit to say, I haven't really worn them much beyond trying them on because it's...
A Japanese friction folder:
Quote: Originally Posted by Ricardo Malocchio Back in March, I bought a pair of the "Premium Japanese Selvege" Levis 514s. It's my understanding that those were NOT raw, but gorgeous denim nonetheless. I love these jeans. Now I see that Levis is stocking these "raw, rigid selvege" 514s: I take it this is an entirely different denim than what I bought in March? Form the pictures, it looks...
No, thank you.
I think that I like your coat, but I need to see more pics to be sure. Does it have some kind of assymetrical chestflap thing going on, or am I seeing things?
Quote: Originally Posted by Orlics I have the fiscal responsibility of an 8 year old child, so I decided to pull the trigger on The Watch 2.0. It IS way overpriced, but I really like how it looks. If my buyer's remorse escalates I think I'll just return it. The store's literally around the block from my place anyway. You might like it a little better if you loop the extra length of strap back through that first keeper like...
Quote: Originally Posted by thoogsby Would the Iron Ranger be considered a good all around winter boot? I'm looking for something that can survive a Boston winter for around $300. I don't really think so--they'd be more suitable with a commando sole. I made it through last winter with IRs but only because it didn't really snow very much. On the slushy days, you'll need something like yaktrax to make the IRs work.
Astris: that looks great!
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