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Quote: Originally Posted by TotesMcGotes I really wanted to see if i could find some gt's or iron rangers or pretty much any sf approved model for my girlfriend... Is my only option to proxy some from japan to fit her? She has a tiny foot at womens size 6 That tiny foot sounds really cute.
"Please, say hello to the Korean selvage! Not actual selvage, but actually, it is. In a way." What does this mean?
To answer at least one question asked earlier in the thread: The garment dyed oxfords fit exactly like the other LEC oxfords. The purple (ahem, velvet plum) kicks ass. It's a richer color than what you see online. Somebody is washing out that picture (at for online publishing. It's actually closer to the internet picture of "royal burgundy". To be clear, velvet plum is not burgundy, but it is much richer than it appears on the website. I really enjoy...
Quote: Originally Posted by TKJTG I'm surprised more people aren't mentioning STFs. Selvedge, raw, button-fly and all for like $40? What's not to like? I wear them for work pants as the fit isn't exactly slim...they are great for horseback riding and other outdoorsy type things. Selvage? Are we talking Levis STF? I like the grey ones, but they ain't selvage.
I did that in 6th and 7th grade. I'm not sure if I mean this as a good or a bad thing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Foxtrot Just wait for the "save x% on one item" coupons; they work on Canvas items. Based on a quick scan of my inbox, it seems they have a 25-30% off coupon twice a month. Yes, they've happened, but I don't think any were on when the question was asked. Currently, Facebook friends of Canvas are getting 30% off and free shipping. It should open up to everyone tomorrow, June 30.
Quote: Originally Posted by B Hamilton just racked up a healthy bill and am looking for a coupon, anyone? Promotion Code JUNE28 and PIN 6322 This should be good for free shipping, but I'm not aware of any LE promo codes that don't exclude Canvas.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bounder Slightly off topic but, hey, it came up in this thread. I know this is a Ralph Lauren ad/product, but I am sure I have seen this same guy in Brooks Bros. ads. He's a catalog model.
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